Diploma - University of Alabama at Birmingham

Records Office
II. Residency
III. Licensure
IV. To Do List
Graduation Requirements Review
$150 non-compliance fee
Diploma Order Form
Graduation News Release
◦ May 15, 2011 UASOM
◦ June 4, 2011
Diploma Date /
Graduation Date
After June 4
 All coursework completed
 All grades received
 Step 2 CK and OSCE “Pass” reported
 Step 2 CS taken
Everything has to be clear before we can
release it.
◦ Courses, grades, test scores
◦ Clear account balance
◦ Pager, library books
When you get your diploma check it
◦ Correct? Damage in delivery?
◦ If it is incorrect or there is damage due to delivery,
we’ll order another original diploma after you
return the damaged one.
Caution: In your legal name as
recorded in Self Service at the time of
graduation - no retroactive name
changes. Please check Self Service to
verify your name is correct there.
Caution: Don’t leave your original
diploma with anyone at your residency
or at a state licensing board.
UASOM issues only one original
 Replacement diploma if damaged,
lost, or destroyed
Affidavit that is notarized
Replacement fee
Notation on diploma that it is a reissue
 Certified
copy of diploma
◦ Comes from Records Office with official
◦ Is not a photocopy of your diploma
◦ Is not a laminated wallet-size copy of
 Depends
on program
 Transcript
 Form
 Certified copy of diploma
 Letter
 Depends
on program and state
 Some ASAP after Match
 Some as soon as coursework
completed but prior to diploma
 Some after diploma date
Current Students
Records section
Medical Student Records
 Log
back in and look
◦ Status
◦ Date
 Depends
on the state
 Documents from UASOM
◦ Transcript
◦ Form
◦ Letter
◦ Certified copy of diploma
◦ To request documents log in
exactly as you do now.
◦ Were you ever on probation?
◦ Were you ever disciplined for
unprofessional conduct or behavior?
◦ Were there any limitations or special
requirements imposed on you?
Other states may want to know about any
leaves of absence
UASOM answers these questions and is
required to send details and supporting
documentation for “Yes” answers
Typically you have to answer these as well
Discrepancies between what you say and
what we say are a problem
How do you remember? PRINT OUT YOUR
ACADEMIC SUMMARY from Student Self
Step 3
◦ Please give permission for your score to
be reported to UASOM when you register
for Step 3. Scores are used for inclusion in
USMLE score reports and for internal
record keeping.
Medical Alumni Association
CHECK Academic Summary
All course requirements met?
All grades posted?
Passing scores on OSCE & Step II CK posted?
Score on Step 2 CS posted?
Note: If taken in April or May, bring verification from
testing center to Ms. McChesney
PRINT at least one copy of Academic
Summary for your personal records
Contact: Sharon McChesney, [email protected]
IMPORTANT: University policy does not allow
us to release your diploma to you if you have
any financial obligation to UAB or UA.
Account balance clear at UAB?
Contact: Student Accounting, 934-3570
Account balance clear at UA (if applicable)?
Contact: Mary Kay Hannah, 205-348-1384
Drop/Add fees paid?
Contact: Lacy Gilliland, [email protected]
Library books returned &/or fines paid?
Contact: Lister Hill Library, 934-2460
◦ Signed Graduation Requirements Review
◦ Diploma Order Form
◦ Graduation News Release
Diploma Pick-up form (if you want someone
else to pick up your diploma )
AAMC Graduation Questionnaire
Locker emptied (anything left
discarded mid-June)
Pager returned to UAB Radio Paging
◦ After all coursework completed
◦ Before June 4, 2011
BLS and health compliance – You must stay
current and in compliance until the date your
last course ends
Check @uab.edu email daily both before
graduation and after graduation until you
have your diploma.
Note: Email accounts for students are retained for 1
year after the student leaves UAB. For information
on how to manage your address following deletion,
see http://main.uab.edu/Sites/it/faqs/48986
 Current
Students page
Records section
Graduation Documents
Volker Hall 107
Debbie Blackstone, Registrar
Lacy Gilliland, Scheduling Coordinator
Ernest Grimes, Verification Specialist
Sharon McChesney, Grades Specialist
Lauren Ruffrage, Asst Registrar for Data