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What Nurses do………
Canadian Nursing Association
Becoming an RN
Are you thinking about a career as a registered nurse?
The possibilities are limitless. Nursing offers both men and women a wide range of opportunities
for career challenges, travel, professional development and the personal satisfaction
of working in a caring profession that helps people to get well or to stay healthy.
College of Registered Nurses of BC
“Nursing combines science with art. The science comes from knowledge gained through
education and ongoing professional development. The art is developed through experience and
the provision of nursing services to meet the various needs of clients and their families.”
Association of Registered Nurses of BC
ARNBC values the engagement of nursing students who will make
key contributions to leadership in nursing identity, practice, voice and
policy as our Association activities evolve over time.
Why do you want to be a RN?
~ explore your career options, interest and skills
~in nursing: develop critical thinking skills, independent decisions, adapt to
multiple clinical settings, responsible for patient care to become →
self-confident, self-awareness, & flexibility
~ rigorous program especially in the Sciences, academia and clinical practice
~ reflect deeply on your decision more and be aware of the BScN program:
curriculum & courses
BScN Program Overview
 4 year program (126 credits)
that provides a Bachelor of
Science in Nursing Degree
 Eight academic study semesters and
two summer sessions of nursing
 Eligible to write the Canadian
Registered Nurse Examination
 Various health care practice agencies
(Institutional, Community and
 Apply for registration to College  Days, evenings & weekend shifts
of Registered Nurses of British
Columbia (CRNBC) to practice as  Expect in-town and out-of-town
a Registered Nurse
practicums (own expenses
transportation/ accommodations )
BScN 4 Year Overview
 Year 1 September to April
 Health & Wellness /Chronic
Health Challenges
 Practice – Residential Care
 Year 2 September to June
 Practice – Acute Care &
Community Facilities
 Out-of-Town practicums –
students expense
 Year 3 September to June
 Health Promotion, Community Development
and Research
 Practice – Community agencies, Acute Care
 Preceptored or International Placements–
students expense
 Out-of-Town practicums – students expense
 Year 4 September to April
 Community and Leadership
 Study Abroad to University of Stavanger
 Practice – Community, Acute Care,
Residential Care
 Semester 8 Preceptored
with RN
BScN Admission Information
Admission Requirements
BC Grade 12 or equivalent or Post-Secondary / Mature Student Status;
grades must be current & completed within the past
10 years (2004 graduate to 2014)
Admission Package > Nursing:
BScN Admission Information
Admission Requirement – ENGLISH
BC English 12 or English 12 First Peoples with a minimum of 73%
(with the government exam within the last 5 years);
or Level (5) on the composition section of the Language
Proficiency Index (LPI), with all other categories of the LPI at a
minimum of 70%;
or LPI Level (4) if completed between October 1, 2011 and
September 30, 2013;
or satisfactory completion of TRU English Assessment
(ACCUPLACER) at the university entrance level;
or completion of TRU ENGL 0600 (B) minimum grade;
or completion of ESAL 0570 & ESAL 0580 with a
(C+) minimum grade
Must provide evidence that you registered for the LPI exam or Accuplacer test
before January 15 deadline if the exam is following this date
The LPI is administered to students who plan
to enter a post-secondary institution in B.C.
and serves as an indicator of the level of
English competency.
LPI scores are valid only if written within the
last 2 years
An application/information form is available
online at or it can be picked
up at the Assessment Centre
University preparation for 1st year English
ABE Full- (English) :
 Reading Comprehension – 85 /120
 Sentence Skills – 80 /120 minimum
 WritePlacer (Plus) – 7/8 minimum
TRU Assessment Centre, Room OM 1487
Email: [email protected] Phone:250.828.5470
BScN Admission Information
Admission Requirement - MATH
 BC Math 12 Foundations (preferred)
or Math 12 Pre-calculus or TRU MATH 0600 & MATH
0610 or equivalent; (C+) minimum grade
**Principles Math 11 or TRU MATH 0500 & MATH 0510
or equivalent with a (C) minimum grade
will be accepted IF completed in
grades 11/12 (2003/2004) to August 31, 2012**
BScN Admission Information
Admission Requirements – 3 SCIENCES
1. Biology 12 or TRU BIOL 0600 or equivalent;
(C+) minimum grade
BC Chemistry 11 or TRU CHEM 0500 or equivalent;
(C+) minimum grade
One B.C. Science 11 or 12 or equivalent;
(C+) minimum grade (Biology 11 recommended)
or TRU BIOL 0500, CHEM 0600, PHYS 0500 or 0600, SINC 0500
BIOL 1590 AND BIOL 1690 minimum (C) grade
waives the 3 science requirements
BScN Admission Information
Admission Requirement – Letter of Introduction
Letter of Introduction – 2 typed pages
 Personal History (employment/ community
 Reasons for choosing nursing
 Personal attributes: leadership qualities,
communication skills, decision-making skills etc.
 Career goals as a nurse
BScN Admission Process
A complete application
must be submitted.
All supporting
documents must be
included before the
deadline date of:
JANUARY 15, 2014
Applications mailed or
couriered on the
deadline date must be
clearly Post Marked by
the post office or your
application will not be
A complete application includes:
Or you 2014 – 2015 Admissions application form with cheque or money order payment for
$26.51 application fee.
May apply on-line with credit card payment
Official final Ministry of Education High School transcript
Official Post-Secondary transcripts (if applicable)
Current high school students; must submit an Official grade 11 transcript
AND a Certified current Interim grade 12 transcript showing courses in progress.
A final Official (PAPER) Ministry of Education transcript showing graduation must also be
submitted by the end of June 2014
Students currently upgrading Admission Requirements (Post-Secondary) must provide
Official transcript(s) upon application showing courses in-progress with interim
grades. A final official Transcript must be provided no later than April 30, 2014
Letter of Introduction
BScN Application Process
Selective Admission Process
 A selective admission process is used to determine admission
to year (1) of the BScN program.
 A structured format is followed with all applicants being evaluated
using the same criteria.
 Applicants are ranked according to Admission Requirement Grades,
Academic High School grades (11 & 12) & Post Secondary Grades
 Applicants are not ranked by the date of their application.
 Each applicant will be placed into the following categories:
Wait listed
Not accepted
 Applicants will be notified in writing of their status in April 2014
 Secure your seat in the program with a $500.00 commitment fee
BScN Application Process
Selected for Admission
Acceptance is conditional and will not be deemed final until (ALL)
documentation has been provided as follows:
 Official (PAPER) Ministry of Education High School transcript showing
graduation provided by end of June 2014
 Official Post Secondary transcripts – for courses that were previously in
progress must be submitted by end of April 2014
Every attempt is made to give Transfer Credit if applicable
 A clear Criminal Record Check has been performed
All supporting medical forms and supporting documents have been
completed and returned to the appropriate department as per
Frequently Asked Questions……..
What is meant by equivalent?
Courses that are equivalent to the Admission Requirement courses from High School, Upgrading ,
Post-Secondary or on-line courses. For example: Post-Secondary courses such as BIOL1110 instead of
Biology 12 or TRU-OL MATH 0633 instead of Pre-Calculus 12.
How will I know if my Post-Secondary courses equal TRUs courses?
Check the BC Transfer Guide to know how a course transfers between institutions in BC at:
Does Pre-Calculus 11 (rather than Principles Math 11) meet the requirement?
NO, must be Principles Math 11 or MATH0500 & 0510 and must completed in
Grades 11/12 (2003/2004) to August 31, 2012
Does Foundations Math 11, instead of Principles Math 11 meet the requirement?
NO, must be Principals 11 or MATH0500 & 0510 (dated) or Math Foundations 12
Why do we need Pre-Calculus 12?
BC Math Curriculum changed 2 years ago to Foundations Math 11 & 12.
However, not many upgrading courses available, therefore, the other option
is to complete Pre-Calculus 12
I have taken a Post-Secondary English but did not receive a B grade. Will this still be accepted?
Yes, a Post-Secondary Academic English will meet the English requirement if below a B grade,
however, this grade is ranked.
Do I submit a High School transcript if it is more than 10 years?
No, as you will need to upgrade any admission course requirement if it is 10 or more years old.
You need to ask the Educational Institution of submit an Official Transcript directly to our
Admissions Office
What if I am currently taking a course or will be taking a course in the Winter semester to meet
Admission Requirements?
Post-Secondary / Upgrading: submit an official transcript with the final Fall semester grades.
High School: an official transcript or Certified current Interim grade 12 transcript needs to be
submitted indicating that you are registered for a course before January 15, 2014 to meet the
Admission Requirement(s).
 TRU Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program
 BScN Courses / Curriculum
 Fees - Cost of BScN Program in addition to TRU fees
 Canadian Nurses Association (CNA)
 Association of Registered Nurses of BC (ARNBC)
 College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC)
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