Gippsland - Monash University

VTAC selection
in 2011 and 2012
2011 VTAC selection – pop polls
• Monash domestic 1st preferences stable
• Campuses with an increase in 1st preferences:
– Berwick
– Clayton
– Gippsland
• Increase in all Monash preferences
• Monash continues to have more 1st and all preferences
than the entire Victorian TAFE sector
2011 VTAC selection – offer figures
• Early round offers (8 health courses
• Main round offers stable at +0.1%
• Round 2 offers up +55.7%
• All undergraduate offers total up +1.8%
• Total round 1 & 2 offers to CY12
• Offers made as a result of SEAS up +70.2% 1,076
2012 VTAC selection – New Courses
• Bachelor of Nutrition Science
• Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of Commerce
• Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of Business
• Bachelor of Business/Bachelor Sport & Outdoor
2012 VTAC selection – New Courses
Bachelor of Health Promotion
Bachelor of Social Welfare
Bachelor of Social Science
Bachelor of Nursing (Community Health)
Bachelor of Education (P-10)
Bachelor of Business (replacing Bachelor of Business and Commerce)
• Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences/Bachelor of
Education (Primary)
Diploma of Tertiary Studies (DoTS)
Diploma of Tertiary Studies changes for 2012:
– Single VTAC course code per campus
(excluding Visual and Media Arts)
– New DoTS streams offered at Berwick:
Social Welfare
Health Promotion
– DoTS applicants are only required to submit a Monash
supplementary information form
Diploma of Tertiary Studies (DoTS)
DoTS also has streams leading to degrees in:
• Arts (Berwick, Gippsland)
• Business (Peninsula)
• Business and Commerce (Gippsland)
• Information Technology and Systems ( Gippsland)
• Education (Gippsland, Peninsula)
• Nursing (Gippsland, Peninsula)
• Science (Gippsland)
• Visual and Media Arts (Gippsland)
Streams are now selected on the supplementary information form
The Vice Chancellor's Access Monash list
• New institution wide pilot
scheme for:
– Financially disadvantaged
applicants with an ATAR of 90
(94 for Law) and,
– Indigenous students awarded a
Monash Indigenous
Scholarship for Achievement
(and 94 ATAR for Law)
The Vice Chancellor's Access Monash list
A place on the VC’s access list will guarantee an applicant
entry to, or an interview for, the course of choice on having
met course prerequisites and UMAT requirements
(with the exception of Scholars Programs)
To apply applicants MUST submit a Scholarship
application via VTAC
(between 1 August - October 2011)
2012 VTAC selection – SEAS
• VTAC have reduced the number of SEAS categories and streamlined
the application process. Monash will continue to recognise the
following categories:
– Category 1: Personal information and location:
Mature age consideration,
Indigenous Australians,
Students studying at under-represented schools and
Applicants from rural or isolated areas.
– Category 2: Non-English speaking background
– Category 3: Difficult circumstances
– Category 4: Disadvantaged financial background
– Category 5: Disability or medical condition
2012 VTAC selection – SEAS
• Monash will be releasing an updated list of underrepresented schools recognised under Category 1 for
SEAS consideration in 2012 (July 2011)
Further information:
Scholarships update
2011 scholarship and bursary offers
14,547 applications submitted (10,501 VTAC; 3,095 direct; 951 late)
Scholarships offered
Accepted and enrolled students
Rejected/withdrawn/not eligible offers
Deferred until 2012
2012 scholarships and bursaries available
• Over 2000 scholarships and bursaries
totalling 15 million dollars
• 200+ different types of scholarships for
study in a specific course, specific campus
or for study in a course of your choice
Types of scholarships and
Merit and Equity
Gippsland campus
Isobel Aloisio
Monash University Scholarship for Excellence
Equity and personal disadvantage
• people of Indigenous Australian descent
• people from a non-English-speaking background - arrived in
Australia from 2006
• people experiencing difficult family circumstances e.g.
• people experiencing financial disadvantage e.g. receiving a
Centrelink benefit
• people from regional and remote areas – postcode list on
• people with a disability or long term medical condition e.g.
glandular fever
• people from under-represented schools – list on website
Commonwealth Scholarships
• Two scholarships available:
– Student Start-Up Scholarship
– Relocation Scholarship
• No application process
• Students in receipt of Youth Allowance, Austudy
and Abstudy are eligible
• Payment processed by Centrelink
• Eligibility enquiries must be forwarded to
Application process
Applications – only through VTAC for all
available scholarships (merit and equity
1 August to 21 October 2011
Supporting documentation is required for
equity scholarships
Late applications are not accepted for merit
based scholarships
Further information
• Social Inclusion & Scholarships
workshop – 11.30am today
• 2012 Coursework Scholarships
Guide (available in Waivestar from next week)
Lina Zhu
Bachelor of Science Advanced with
Honours Scholarship