Concur Overview

Concur Overview
August 5, 2014
Why Concur?
• Needed a better travel process
• UH System RFP in November 2013
Workflow approval
Better management reports on travel
Software as a service (“in the cloud”)
Customized to meet our needs
• Concur is the most widely used travel
management system in private business and
higher education
What’s in scope?
• ALL UH travel for employees, prospective
employees, students, prospective students,
university guests, contractors, and regents
• “Travel” includes:
– All trips that include airfare, rental car, or hotel
– All overnight trips
– All Travel Card transactions, including for new
employee moving expenses
– All trips for UH business, whether UH pays or not
What’s new?
Travel Request process
Travel Advance process
Online booking tool
Travel agency
Travel Expense Report process
Travel Card process
New employee moving expense process
Travel Request
• Created in Concur by traveler or delegate
• Workflow approval
– Employee travelers must submit their own TR into
workflow to acknowledge their review
• Approvers are automatically notified when a
Request is waiting for their approval
• An approved Travel Request is required for all
university travel, whether paid by UH or not
• Don’t book travel until the TR is fully approved
Travel Request Workflow Paths
1. Employee North American Travel
Employee – Supervisor – Certify
2. Employee Foreign Travel – Local Funds
Employee – Supervisor – Certify – VP
3. Employee Foreign Travel – State Funds
Employee – Supervisor – Certify – VP – President
Note: Academic supervisor approves all faculty travel and
Provost approves faculty foreign travel. Research VP also
approves foreign travel when using Research Division
funds. Use “Approve and Forward” to add approvers.
Travel Request Workflow Paths
4. Prospective Employee North American Travel
Delegate – Unit Head – Certify
5. Prospective Employee Foreign Travel – Local
Delegate – Unit Head – Certify – VP
6. Prospective Employee Foreign Travel – State
Delegate – Unit Head – Certify – VP – President
7. Other Non-Employee Travel (all destinations)
Delegate – Unit Head – Certify
Travel Advance
• Available for employee foreign travel and group travel
(local funds only)
• Requested on the Travel Request in Concur
• After TR is fully approved, Travel Advance will go
through its own workflow approval
• Path: Employee – Certifying Signatory – AP
• After AP approves, nightly feed to UHS Finance System
creates pre-approved voucher to issue Travel Advance
• Concur keeps track of Travel Advance used on Expense
Concur Online Booking Tool
• Customized to include UH System and state
contracts for airfare, hotel, and rental car
• Discounts for United and Southwest flights
booked through Concur
• Concur keeps track of your unused tickets so they
don’t expire
• Concur builds reservations in “live time” so
inventory is secured during the search, instead of
at the end when it may no longer be available
Concur Online Booking Tool
• Concur tells you which flights are Fly America
compliant when traveling internationally on
federal funds
• Concur can store your travel preferences, rewards
programs, and credit cards in your profile for
more convenient booking
• Travel Arrangers selected by the traveler can book
travel on behalf of the traveler, if desired. Both
traveler and arranger receive confirmations.
Travel Agency
• Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) was selected as
the UH travel agency following a RFP
• Headquartered in San Antonio
• Travel agency for several universities
• Long-term Concur partner
• Available 24/7
• Can split payment for business/personal travel
• On UH campus August 20 to train employees to
book travel in Concur
Expense Report
• Traveler’s Expense Report copied from TR
• Dept Travel Card Expense Report created with
information from TR and refers to TR ID
• Electronic receipts are available
– Many airlines, hotels, and rental car agencies provide ereceipts for Concur customers, which are sent directly to
the traveler’s queue in Concur (traveler must opt-in to
receive e-receipts and book in Concur with credit card in
traveler’s name)
– Use free ExpenseIt app to take a picture of a receipt with
your phone, email it to ExpenseIt, and an itemized copy of
the receipt will be sent to the traveler’s queue in Concur
Expense Report
• UH travel rules (e.g., required receipts) are
built into the Expense Report, so you know
when something is missing
• Select the expense description (Airfare –
Direct Billed) on the Expense Report and the
expense account will be selected for you
• Workflow approval – Must be submitted by
employee to acknowledge review
Expense Report Workflow Paths
1. Employee Travel (Non-Taxable)
Employee – Supervisor – Certify – AP
2. Employee Travel (Taxable)
Employee – Supervisor – Certify – Tax – AP
3. Non-Employee Travel (US Citizen or Resident Alien)
Delegate – Unit Head – Certify – AP
4. Non-Employee Travel (Foreign National)
Delegate – Unit Head – Certify – Tax – AP
5. Department Travel Card Expense Report
Dept Travel Card Custodian – Certify – AP
Expense Report Workflow Paths
6. New Employee Moving Expenses
Before Employee Starts
Delegate – Unit Head – Certify – Tax – AP
After Employee Starts
Employee – Supervisor – Certify – Tax – AP
After AP approves, nightly feed to UHS Finance
System creates pre-approved vouchers and journals
to issue payments and record expenses.
Travel Card Process
• Travel Card transactions feed to Concur daily
• Cardholders (or delegate) and custodians
match receipts to Travel Card transactions,
which are then matched to an Expense Report
• Individual Travel Card transactions are
approved on the traveler’s Expense Report
• Department Travel Card transactions are
approved on the custodian’s Expense Report
for the traveler
New Employee Moving Expenses
• If using a Travel Card to pay for moving
expenses (e.g. airfare), you must create a
Travel Request and Expense Report in Concur
just like you would for any other travel
• If not using a Travel Card, using Concur for
moving expenses is optional
• If Concur is not used for moving expenses, use
the voucher process to pay/reimburse moving
Who Has Access to Concur?
• Employees who traveled in the past two years
• Travel Card cardholders and custodians
• Staff who create Travel Requests and Expense
Reports or make travel arrangements
• Supervisors, unit heads, certifying signatories,
and other approvers
• New travelers, delegates, and approvers can be
added by sending a Concur Access Form to AP,
which will be posted on the Finance Forms page:
Three Ways to Login to Concur
• PASS (employee self-service)
– User ID is UH email address
– Temporary password will be emailed to you by AP
• Phone or tablet using the Concur app
– Login to Concur using PASS or the Concur website,
go to the Profile page, and select Mobile
Registration to download the free Concur app
Getting Started and Resources
• First thing to do after logging in is to review
and update your profile in Concur.
• See documents on Finance Training page:
– “Getting Started in Concur”
– Step-by-step instructions for using Concur
• See Company Notes page in Concur, which includes
additional helpful information, including contacts for
questions and booking travel.
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