Immunization Orientation Presentation

Immunization Orientation
Field Experience
Pre-Licensure Program
Please make sure to pick
up the handouts.
Field Experience Contacts:
(Main Campus/St. Joes/Boswell)
Limah Williams – Health and Safety
Office: 602-639-8774
Fax: 602-761-3317
[email protected]
Samantha Chacon – Clinical Rotations
Office: 602-639-7908
Fax: 602-761-3317
[email protected]
CONHCP Contacts:
• Kristen Bright (Director - Main Campus)
• Sheila Searles (Director –AZ Off-Sites)
• Kristin Cline
Pre-Licensure Program Manager
602-639-6166 Direct
602-589-2730 Fax
[email protected] Email
Certified Immunization System
The Certified Immunization System is a tracking
system which will house all of your health and safety
The system will:
• Automatically track your requirements
• Send you reminders
• Inform you if a document does not meet the
• Cost is $20.00 per student
**Please see handouts for step by step instructions**
Health & Safety (Immunizations)
Please remember that the following requirements
must be complete in the Certified Immunization
Tracker database by the due date of Dec. 12th, 2014.
Failure to complete these requirements on time may
impact your progression in the program.
We will cover each requirement in detail today.
CPR Certification
CPR certification for the Professional
Rescuer or Healthcare Provider is
required. Information as to the
availability of courses may be
obtained by calling either the
American Heart Association or
American Red Cross, or checking
online. (Classes are sometimes called
“BLS/AED for Professional Rescuer”
or “BLS/AED for Healthcare
Provider” or “Healthcare Pro”)
Other CPR courses will NOT fulfill
this requirement. Online-only courses
are not acceptable
Provider Name
American Heart
Course Title
American Heart
BLS Healthcare Provider
American Red Cross
CPR/AED for the
Professional Rescuer
American Safety and
Health Institute
CPR for Professionals
Emergency Care and
Safety Institute
Health Care Provider
National Safety
Basic Life Support for
Health Care and
Professional Rescuers
DPS Fingerprint Clearance
• Arizona: The FP Clearance card must be submitted prior to
beginning the program for all new students. This is not a copy
of your actual fingerprints. See the Department of Public
Safety for forms &/or questions:
When requesting a fingerprint clearance card, please ask for a "Healthcare Student" card
(which encompasses criminal and sex offender checks performed at the federal and state
levels). In other words, per the Fingerprint Clearance Card application, students are to
indicate that they are Health Sciences Students and Clinical Assistants (ARS 15-1881). When
completing the Fingerprint Clearance Card application, please list Grand Canyon University
(and its address) as the sponsoring agency.
Health Insurance
• Verification of the student’s current health insurance
coverage. (e.g., Copy of insurance card.) This
information will be required at the start of each
semester you are enrolled.
Please note that this is only for your nursing file, and is NOT shared with other
departments. Contact your Enrollment and/or Finance Counselor (FC) to learn about
GCU insurance policies and costs, if you already have alternate health insurance
coverage or if you are enrolling in GCU’s student coverage. Failure to contact your FC
may result in automatic enrollment in GCU’s student insurance coverage and charges to
your account.
Health Care Provider Report &
Physical Exam
• Form in Packet- Please have a healthcare provider fill
out the attached form after a physical is performed
• Must be a physician or other healthcare provider
• Can accept a physical within the last six months.
Tuberculosis (TB Test)
• Must be a “ Two-Step” TB Test.
• Option A: Test 1: Negative Result dated within the
last year. Test 2: Negative Result Must be dated 1 to
3 weeks after first TB test.
• Option B “History” Negative results within the past
TB Continued…
• Option C: Chest X-ray Results must be within the
past two years.
– Need to complete a TB questionnaire form at renewal
• Option D: TB Quantiferon blood test showing
negative TB.
Tetanus (TD)
Must be within the past ten years.
Tdap vaccines are accepted.
We need a copy of tetanus vaccine with date listed.
Your healthcare provider may write the date of the
vaccine on the “healthcare provider report”
Influenza (Flu Vaccine)
• This is annual requirement.
• If you have received the vaccine please include the
• Waiver- This only applies if you are allergic or
religious beliefs. Must see OFE to discuss this.
Hepatitis B Vaccine
• Hepatitis B vaccine (3 doses) is strongly recommended.
A waiver is required if vaccine not administered. (Form
Option A “Vaccines”
Student must have completed the Hep B vaccine series (of three doses).
Complete the top half of the Hep B form (enclosed) and include 3 vaccine
dates. Student may also include any booster shots and/or titer date and result
as applicable.
Option B “Waiver”
Complete only the bottom half of the Hep B form if you have not completed
all three vaccines or if your blood test indicates you are not immune to
Hepatitis B.
(Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
Students must show:
• Proof of immunity (Lab evidence indicating positive
MMR titers)(Because of recent changes in policies,
documentation of two or more MMR vaccines is not
• If not immune (negative titer results), then student must be
vaccinated and be re-tested at least 30 days after receiving the
vaccination. If, after the second blood test, the student is still
showing “negative” or “non-reactive” for immunity, no further
vaccines/titer requests will be required.
Varicella (chicken pox)
Students must show:
• Proof of immunity (Lab evidence indicating positive
varicella titers)(Because of recent changes in policies,
documentation of history of chicken pox or varicella
vaccinations are not sufficient.)
• If not immune (negative titer results), then student must be
vaccinated and be re-tested at least 30 days after receiving the
vaccination. If, after the second blood test, the student is still
showing “negative” or “non-reactive” for immunity, no further
vaccines/titer requests will be required.
Drug Screening
• All students will be randomly drug screened.
• Will not notify you ahead of time.
• You will be given 24 hours to complete drug
• If you do not, it can result in consequences and you
will meet with your site director and/or Dean.
• Cost is $40.00 (Cash)
GCU reserves the right to conduct random and for cause
drug screens throughout your Pre-Licensure Program.
PLEASE NOTE: Each UDS request is dated with a
completion date and time that is strictly enforced and needs
to be completed within 24 hours of receiving the request
form. All students will have the same time frame to
complete the UDS. In all cases, the student is responsible for
payment directly to the lab for the UDS. The UDS must be
completed by the designated GCU endorsed facility. Drug
screens from outside sources will not be accepted.
(Online Clinical Orientation)
The Maricopa Online Clinical Orientation System
(OCO) is designed to serve as a common orientation
system for all nursing students. Your participation is
mandatory regardless of your clinical assignment, as
this system generates an electronic notification to the
facility that you will be attending a clinical experience.
The cost of this system is $8.25 annually.
***We will give this information to you after the start of the spring semester***
Anticipated Costs
OCO - $8.25
Drug Screen-$40.00
Certified Background Immunization-$20.00
Immunizations & Titers-Varies
Health Insurance-Varies
CPR Certification-$20-$40
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