Veterans Services Specialist

Veterans Affairs at SPC:
To meet the assessed needs of Veterans, St. Petersburg College
chose to address their greatest challenges:
 Transitioning from military to civilian life, including transitions
between colleges and universities to ensure academic success;
Easy access to college information, both prior to and after registration;
Ready, one-stop assistance when needed with referrals for counseling
and other VA benefits;
A need to connect with others who understand;
Tutoring and support assistance with academics, especially math,
reading and writing;
Ensuring that those who need accommodations for a disability have
appropriate documentation to qualify for services;
Instilling a sense that they are a part of the larger college family;
Career exploration, job seeking and placement assistance;
A sense that the college staff is aware of and concerned about their
unique situation
Vice President, Academic and Student Affairs; Dr. Tonjua
Williams, Epicenter, Rm 1-107
Coordinator, Veterans Affairs; Jeff Cavanagh, EpiCenter, Rm 1-111
Veterans Services Specialist; Larry Hobbs, SP-G campus, Rm AD120
Veteran Student Assistants
Veterans Services Specialist; Leta Carreira, CL campus, Rm SS-102
Veteran Student Assistants
New for June 2011: Veterans Services Generalists at the Seminole and
Tarpon Springs campuses!
The SPC Veterans Affairs Program First Year “Five Initiatives”:
1) Develop Veterans Services Centers at all campuses (one-stop shops) First
centers were located at the SP-G & CL campuses. New centers have since
been established on the Seminole and Tarpon springs campuses.
2) Redefine then update the "scope of employment" of our Veterans Services
Specialists Job descriptions have been rewritten and are a part of HR.
3) Develop new, Veteran-specific "Welcome Aboard" paperwork to include an
easy-to-follow checklist outlining the steps to successful
certification/registration Done and available at all Veterans Services
Centers (and online at new CMS website).
4) Develop a stand-alone SPC Veterans website incorporating the information
mentioned under initiative #3 and adding current links designed to assist
the Veteran in preparing for successful enrollment
5) Support and encourage a Campus-wide Veterans Organization designed to
assist all incoming Veterans and support the growing Veteran population
of SPC. The Student Veterans Association (SVA) is now a member of SGA
and has branches at the Clearwater and St. Petersburg-Gibbs campuses.
Expansion to Seminole, Tarpon Springs and downtown campuses has
Student Veterans Association (SVA) Accomplishments
 Wrote charter that has been approved by the Student
Government Association (SGA) and have developed Mission
Developed internal “chain of command” and have elected
Attend and contribute to monthly SGA meetings
Organized new Veteran Student Orientation program
Working currently to develop a “sponsor” program for incoming
SPC Veteran students
Active participants in College events including New Student
Welcome, All College Day, Turkey Trot and the recent Veterans
Day programs.
Took the initiative to develop a strong Veterans Day Program
Volunteer on behalf of the College for local civic events
Assist all Veteran Students in applying for GI BILL benefits
Volunteer in various tutoring programs
Veterans Services Centers
“One Stop Shops”
SPC Veterans Services Center, St. Petersburg – Gibbs Campus (also covers Downtown & Midtown
Campus, Allstate Center & Health Education Center)
Room number: AD 120
Larry Hobbs, Veterans Services Specialist
Phone: 727-341-4271
Fax: 727-341-4279
Email: [email protected]
SPC Veterans Services Center, Clearwater Campus
Room number: SS 102
Leta Carreira, Veterans Services Specialist
Phone: 727-791-2676
Email: [email protected]
SPC Veterans Services Center, Seminole Campus
Room number: PB 609
Amanda Bayatpoor, Veterans Services Generalist
Phone: 727-394-62046
Email: [email protected]
SPC Veterans Services Center, Tarpon Springs Campus
Room number: Agora/SA 120 & 121
Enrique Bernal, Veterans Services Generalist
Phone: 727-712-5848
Email: [email protected]
Veterans Services Center (Typical Layout)
Phase Two Initiatives:
 Encourage growth of the Student Veteran Association (SVA) and
promote more Veteran on-campus activities
Educate faculty and staff in identifying and assisting Veteran Students;
Brief and update MAP center personnel (advising/counseling)
regarding Veterans affairs
Establish & support Vet-only cohort classes
Set up “continuing visitation rotation” designed to update all campuses
Establish new centers at the Downtown and Midtown campuses
Establish “kiosks” or satellite centers at the Allstate and Health
Education Center campuses for the dissemination of Veteran Student
“Welcome Aboard” material and to promote the use of the Veterans
Other initiatives include: Establish Veteran workshops to discuss
Standards of Progress (SAP) and student financial responsibility. Bring
Veterans Services Centers up-to-date with Image Now requirements,
support Veteran cohort tutoring, establish a book-lending library,
establish graduation incentives and honors, support community and
outside veterans organization’s efforts to assist our Veterans returning
to civilian life and re-write the old SPC Veteran Handbook.
"The willingness with which our young people are
likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified,
shall be directly proportional to how they
perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated
and appreciated by their nation."
- George Washington