RCO Club Training - Office of Student Life

Registered Organization and Club Training Fall 2013
Basic Requirements
 All Registered Clubs and Organizations (RCO) must have 4 registered
students listed as officers.
 All RCO’s must be re-registered or registered on Cat Life by
September 31, 2013.
 All RCO’s must have an updated constitution on file with OSL and
uploaded on CatLife.
 All RCO’s must have at least one UC Merced advisor, full time staff or
faculty (no TA’s or Graduate students).
 If no advisor is listed in CatLife by October 31, 2013 your
organization will not be recognized for the Fall semester.
CatLife Registration
 Registering the RCO.
 Registration is not complete with out the following.
All questions have been answered.
Profile Picture updated.
Advisor information listed.
Officer Information updated
Constitution updated.
Policy assessment completed.
Mandatory training attended.
CatLife Registration
 Registering the RCO.
 Yearly $25.00 registration fee paid.
 Advisor information listed.
 Officer Information updated
 Constitution updated.
 Hazing policy assessment completed.
 A list of registered organizations will be sent to OSL on October
31, 2013. This WILL effect funding, posting ability, and ability to
reserve space on campus.
Mandatory RCO Training
 With over 220 RCO’s and over 1500 events registered last
year new policies and procedure are being implemented
and updated.
 RCO events and program training.
 Business Office and purchasing training.
 Anti-Hazing Training.
 Submit a constitution to Cat
 Once OSL has approved, the
organization will be added to Cat
 All constitutions may be
reviewed based on the principles
of community.
UC Merced and OSL Policies
 You are responsible for all UC Merced policies
and procedures.
 As officers of a RCO you are the responsible
party for that clubs actions.
 http://studentlife.ucmerced.edu/what-wedo/clubs-orgs/online-forms-0
Things to do BEFORE September 31, 2013!
 Register in Cat Life
 Will not be complete unless :
All questions have been answered in the registration process.
Picture or profile picture updated.
Advisor information listed.
Constitution updated.
 Attend a mandatory meeting
 If you are the President or Treasurer of your RCO, you are
required to go to the yearly training.
 Complete online Hazing policy assessment.
 This MUST be the president listed in Cat Life.
CatLife Registration process
Student Profile
 The recognition process begins
here. http://catlife.ucmered.edu
Log in using your UC Merced
username and password.
 Edit your profile.
 Join organizations and seek
new opportunities.
CatLife Registration process
for RCO’s
 The Re-Registration process
begins here.
http://catlife.ucmered.edu Log
in using your UC Merced
username and password.
 Click “Organization” second on
the right.
 The Primary Contact may now
re-register your club.
CatLife New RCO Registration
 The New RCO Registration
process begins with Cat Life.
http://catlife.ucmered.edu Log
in using your UC Merced
username and password.
 Click “Organization” second on
the right.
 The Create a New Organization
should be on the left.
 Click ‘Register’
CatLife New RCO Registration
 Follow the steps for registering
and answer all prompts.
 If you need to pause the
registration process and save
your information you may use
the ‘my involvement’ then ‘my
submissions’ tabs, click ‘View’
edit as needed.
OSL will review your
UC Merced RCO Recognition
fully recognized clubs and organizations receive all the benefits
•Post Flyers on Campus
•Reserve space on campus
•Request funds from OSL
•Use UC Merced Name (club @ ucmerced)
•Post information on CATLife.
•Access to Cat Life resources.
CatLife and Creating New Events
 Log in CatLife and go to
your organization under
the “My Involvement “
 Click on Events tab on the
left side bar.
 The click ‘Create Event’
CatLife and Creating New
 The First Page is your advertising and
promotional tool for your RCO.
 This first set of prompts is what can be posted on
the flyer board and the community calendar.
 You will need to enter, Name, Location, times
and basic event information. You do not need a
flyer but to post one this is the place to upload.
CatLife and Creating New
 Enter a brief description of the event.
 Map It if needed.
 Connect weather information if desired.
 Attach a flyer for the flyer board this is what
shows up when you log in and is date
sensitive. Review sizes before posting.
CatLife and Creating New
 Specify the type of event.
Campus Only.
Organizational only.
Invitation only.
 Identify categories of your event to assist
search engine.
CatLife and Creating New
 Specify Type of RSVP option: None, Open, or
 Indicate if can self report attendance.
 Create QR (Bar Code) if desired.
 Answer all additional prompts.
 Your event will need to be approved by OSL,
once approved you may invite guest.
Reporting Civic Leadership
Service Hours Volunteer projects, community events,
educational programs, service projects.
 Record your activities and create a CoCurricular Transcript.
 You can record individual or group activities.
Reporting Civic Leadership
Service Hours
 To Record Individual hours that are not part of an
organizational event, most likely this is a campus event
or somewhere you volunteer on your own like the Food
 First you must join the Civic Leadership Organization.
 Once you are a member you may report your event using
the ‘My Involvement’ drop down and report under
“Service Hours”
Reporting Civic Leadership
Service Hours
 Organizations can also register your events as
Community Service projects.
 When an event is created as a organization’s
community service the event may be
recorded as a group or individually.
OSL Programs and Events
 Using CatLife to enhance your out of the classroom experiences.
 OSL Departmental Programing areas are also listed under
Organizations Directory.
 Civic Leadership, Leadership Programs, Social Justice, Women’s
Programs, Event and Activities,
 You Just Need to JOIN!
Benefits of CatLife
 Create an online community with your current
Recruit and accept new members into your
Showcase all of the great aspects of your
As an officer, personalize the organization’s page
Advertise your events on the virtual flyerboard
Create online elections and form, as needed
Share documents, photos, events and news both
publicly and within your organization
Collaborate with other organizations
Your Organization Profile…
 Personalize your page! Add your ‘about’, state
what your organization does, and what your
mission is.
 Attach a logo or photo for your organization’s
profile picture. This is important because it’s
the first glimpse people have of you, and you
want to catch their attention when they are
 Add your organization’s website, email,
meeting information
Managing your roster…
 Customize your roster with appropriate titles for your
Anyone with an officer title (other than a member) will have
access to update your organization’s page (Such as
inputting and event on Catlife)
Invite new members who join your organization as needed
If your organization is accepting new members who request
to join, make sure you check the “Prospective” tab to
communicate with them and/or accept them.
Message your membership – to their UC Merced Email!
Text message your membership
Managing your page…
 Banners can be made using Photoshop
software or Microsoft Publisher.
 Personalize your page to match your
organization’s logo or header
 Keep your organization’s interests up to date
so you are advertising to students with similar
Your organization “documents”…
 Upload your governing documents for either only your
officers or member to see.
Post your meeting minutes or any other documents for
your members to see.
Post other important documents for either the public or
campus to see
Any file type accepted, 6mb size limit per file.
Go Paperless with “Forms”
 Utilize the “form builder” (located on the left side) to
build forms for either your members or for other
students on campus
 Exactly like survey monkey but has more options
and customizable options available!
 Create surveys, sign-up forms, comment forms,
polls, etc.
 Each form gives you a customized link for that form
that you can email out to your members!
Your Organization Events…
 Post all of your upcoming events with pictures. While flyers
are nice, it is much easier to see an event on the corkboard
if it has a catchy logo or picture. Example include: Pizza
party fundraiser might have a delicious clickable link with a
slice of pepperoni pizza!
You can post events for just your organization regarding
upcoming meetings and member-only events.
You can post events for the entire student population,
which will be showcased on the main virtual flyerboard
Allow student/members to RSVP if needed
Add a map and even a link to the weather at your event!
News and Announcements About
Your Organization
 Showcase your student organization’s past
accomplishments by adding a news article (located
on the left side) listing all of this year’s events.
 Post any articles about recent news or updates
from the President or E-board
 Make sure your news article has a picture (best
bet is to use your logo).
 Weekly Emails
 Table Tents
 Flyers
 You must adhere to the Posting Policy.
 All flyers must be stamped for approval, AND
event flyers must include the accessibility stamp.
 Be creative. Social media and events on
CATLife, are all better sources of
advertisement than a flyer.
Photos! Photos! Photos!
 Upload those pictures! The photo gallery is a
great place to show off ALL of your hard work
with events. (You can post member pictures
 Upload your past flyers in a Photo Gallery.
 Upload a few pictures from some of your best
past programs/events.
 Add content to your pages
 Invite new members via a NEWS ARTICLE
 Add current Exec Board and current members
 Add your organization’s events to the
 Have fun!
Event Questions
 Risk Management
 Fundraising
 Tabling
 Food Permits and Food Handling
 Performance or guest speaker
 Club Meetings
Event Questions
 Community Service
 Officer Meetings
 Education
 Festival
 On Campus Conference
 Travel
 Other
ASUCM Or Department Funding
 To receive OSL funding, you must submit a
request to the the appropriate OSL
 ASUCM or ICC, bill or budget proposal, check
ASUCM @ CATLife. At least one member
should attend.
Campus Account
 Clubs and Organizations receiving funding
from OSL will be given an on campus
 If your organization is doing any fundraising
or collecting dues, we strongly encourage you
to get a campus Agency Account.
 Contact Connie McBride for an Agency
Account, [email protected] .
 Funds acquired through fundraising should be
deposited immediately!
 As funding across campus is limited, fundraising
is highly encouraged.
Think outside the box. Everyone does penny
wars and t-shirt sales.
Be sure to fill out the appropriate forms in the
event notification form.
If you are having a bake sale, be sure to adhere
to ALL policies.
Registration for tables are though CatLife.
Room Reservations
 May be made by contacting the Department or area
you would like to host your event.
 http://studentlife.ucmerced.edu/content/room-reservations
 Library
 http://library.ucmerced.edu/about/reservations
 Office of the Registrar
 http://registrar.ucmerced.edu/services/room-reservations
Room Reservation for OSL
Click on the room that you want
At the bottom of the page select “Click here to
book a room”
Fill Out the information and wait for Approval
Room Reservation For the Library
1. Select “Meeting Rooms”
2. Click on “Campus Reservation System”
Select the times you would like to reserve the room
Room Reservation for ASTRA (registrar)
Select “Request an Event”
Fill out the Information and make sure to check the dates
requested on the calendar
When finish click on “create”, that a list of available rooms
will pop up, select the room of your liking and click on
request room
Reserving a Room
 Assume all spaces are completely empty.
 Request all tables and chairs needed for the
 Be detailed in your set up descriptions.
 Carefully read the entire form to be sure you are
asking for everything you may need to make
your event successful.
 If you want to make a change/addition to your
request, send an email including the reference
number provided on your confirmation.
Campus Resources
 For events having food, you must contact Jim
Greenwood @ [email protected]
 AT LEAST 14 business days prior to the event.
 If your event will have more than 100 attendees,
security may need to be contracted. Contact
Campus Police to arrange this.
 If your event will have technical or sound,
contact Jim Greenwood @
[email protected] .
Questions or Concerns?
 Please contact jgreenwood.edu .
 Visit our website at
http://studentlife.ucmerced.edu .
 Check
CATLifehttp://ucmerced.collegiatelink.net .
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