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Concurrent Education


Academic Advising Session

Academic Agenda

 Communication  Common Questions − Teachables − Progression − Important Contacts  Open Question Period − What do you want to know?


 Nipissing Student E-mail − “myNipissing” − Nipissing News (weekly)  Laurier Student E-mail  Nipissing Brantford Website .aspx

 Concurrent Education Website

Program Questions

 Can I switch divisions?

 How do I know which courses I need to take each year?

−  Click Program Requirements


 What is a ‘


’? How many credits do I need?

− Intermediate: 3.0 credits − Senior: 5.0 credits  Can I change my teachable subject?

 Is Psychology a teachable?


 I am a PJ student. If I want to become qualified in the Intermediate division, what steps do I need to take?

 I am a JI student. If I want to become qualified in the Primary division, what steps do I need to take?

 I am interested in teaching the Senior division. What steps do I need to take?

 Senior Social Science Teachable and Contemporary Studies −  Click teachables

Progression Requirements

  What happens if we don’t achieve or maintain a 7.0 GPA?

“In the Laurier-Nipissing Concurrent Education program students must maintain the required GPA of 7.0 in each year, in both their Wilfrid Laurier (BA) courses, and Nipissing (BEd) courses, progress in their Honours program with a minimum Honours GPA of 5.0, where a minimum Honours GPA of 7.0 is required for graduation, as well as pass the “Observation and Practice Teaching” course, to continue in the program. Students who receive an average of 67% to 69% (or GPA of 6.0) in their Laurier courses are permitted to progress into the following academic year, with a status of ‘on probation’. Probation requirements hold that students are given one year to raise their academic average to 70% in order to continue in the Concurrent Education program.” info/Pages/default.aspx

 What percentage is a 7.0 GPA equivalent to?

Where to Go:

 Practicum Questions − Practicum Office, Rm 201 (50 Wellington St.) − Jamie McGinnis ( [email protected]

) − Deanne Osborne ( [email protected]

)  Academic Questions (Nipissing) − Kelly Hunter, Rm208B (50 Wellington St.) − [email protected]

 Academic Questions (Laurier) − Academic Advising, RCE 132 [email protected]

 OSAP, OneCard − Service Laurier Brantford, GRH


 Frequently Asked Questions − Concurrent-Education-Students/academic advising/Pages/FAQ.aspx

 Schedule − Concurrent-Education-Students/Pages/Timetables.aspx

Q& A

Concurrent Education Practicum Question and Answer Session

Nipissing University Concurrent Education Program Brantford Campus

Practicum Agenda

 Overview of Session  Important Information  Frequently Asked Questions  Other Questions?

 Contact Information

Practicum Course Pack

 Year 1 Teacher Candidates are required to purchase a practicum course pack which consists of: 1. 2013-2014 Practicum Handbook 2. Practicum Binder with tabs 3. Photo ID card for practicum purposes  IF you did not receive one, they can still be purchased in the Practicum Office (50 Wellington, Room 201)  The Program Handbook can also be located at: ents/2013.2014Handbook.pdf

Alternate dates for ID card pictures:

 September 23, 2013: 11:00 – 1:00 p.m.

 September 23, 2013: 11:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC)

Is a Police Vulnerable Sector Check mandatory for practicum? pg. 2/7  How often must we obtain a Police Vulnerable Sector Check?

 What must I do with my PVSC after I receive it?

− Original and copy to Practicum Office − Original MUST be placed in Practicum Binder and be shown on any practicum day, if requested  What happens if I fail to obtain an annual PVSC?

− Failure to provide PVSC to the Practicum Office by the specified deadline will result in the cancellation of practicum for the current year. Exceptions to the deadline will not be made for any reason.

Police Vulnerable Sector Check

Where can I get a PVSC?

For all students residing in Brantford for the 2013/2014 school year: September 23, 2013 10:00 – 12:00 p.m.


September 30, 2013 10:00 – 12:00 p.m.

50 Wellington St. 2nd floor lobby, outside of the Practicum Office (Rm 201).

IF you DO NOT take advantage of the on-campus dates OR are a commuting student living outside of Brantford, please see the following link: info/Pages/Police-Background-Check.aspx

Practicum Q&A

How do I go about finding a placement?

How do we find out about our placement?

Can I request a specific school or teacher?

Practicum Q&A

What is the first day of Practicum for Year 1 Teacher Candidates? What are the dates of the 5 day teaching block for Year 1?

Can Practice Teaching placement dates be changed?

If I am not satisfied with the placement I received, can it be changed?

Practicum Q&A

Is it possible that I could be placed in the same school for more than one year of the program?

I am a Junior/Intermediate student. Will I be guaranteed a placement in Grade 9/10? When?

Practicum Q&A -


How do I dress for Practicum? pg. 4 What time should I arrive at my Practicum placement? How late do I stay? Do Teacher Candidates go to workshops with Associate Teachers on PA days, or do we get those days off?

Practicum Q&A – Roles & Responsibilities

Aside from my PVSC and ID card, what else do we bring to Practicum?

More information will be shared at the Workshop on October 28, 2013.

How far will I have to travel for my practicum placement? pg. 8 Can Practicum placements be changed due to transportation? pg. 8 What do you do when you have to miss a day of Practicum because of illness, death, etc.? pg. 8

Practicum Peer Mentorship

How do you place us with Mentors? pg. 14 Are we all guaranteed a Mentor at our Practicum? pg. 14 How does the Peer Mentorship program at our Practicum work? pg. 14 When do I meet my Mentor?

Further information will be provided at the Peer Mentorship workshop on November 4, 2013.

Practicum Q&A – Expectations

What should we expect at our first placement? (E.g. observation, teaching, etc) pg. 10 When will I get to create and teach a lesson on my own? pg. 10 What are my responsibilities in the classroom? pg. 7 - 9

Practicum Q&A – Expectations

At our practicum, do we have to keep a daily reflection log? pg. 10 How do we get evaluated at our Practicum? pg. 52 - 53

Practicum Lesson Plan

(pg. 22-23)

Practicum Lesson Plan

(pg. 22-23)

Practicum Evaluation

(pg. 52-53)

Practicum Evaluation

(pg. 52-53)

Practicum Q&A

Is it possible to change the School Board in which you do your Practicum placement?

What year can you go on an International Placement?

How do you apply for an International Placement? What are the requirements?

Practicum Q&A

How long is an International Placement?

What is an Alternative Placement?

Are there any other types of placement?

When can we do a Practicum placement in our hometown?

Practicum Q&A

Work/Education Placement Agreement: icum/general-info/Documents/Year%201%20 %20Work%20Education%20Placement%20Agreement .pdf

Must be signed by school principal and returned following your first week of practicum.

 Is included with your Practicum Binder Kit, as purchased in the Practicum Office.

Digital Recordings in Practicum

 Unauthorized Use of Digital Recordings Form will be distributed in Methods classes to all Year 1 students to be signed and kept in student file.  This pertains to Facebook, Twitter, pictures/recordings for projects, etc. Any type of media recording/ transmission is not permissible unless consent is otherwise provided.

Concluding Remarks

 Any other questions?

Contact Information

PRACTICUM OFFICE 50 WELLINGTON ROOM 201 Deanne Osborne Practicum Officer [email protected]

519-752-1524 ext. 7502 Jamie McGinnis Practicum Coordinator [email protected]

519-752-1524 ext. 7503