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Student Payroll
Presented by
Karla Desjardins
Kimberly Duby
Cindy Garrison
Scholarship & Student Employment
Contact Info
Wilbur Cross Building Room 102
A unit within the Office of Student Financial Aid Services
Main line: 486-3474, Fax # 486-6253
General Email: [email protected]
Members of our Staff:
 Kimberly Duby, Assistant Director
 Cindy Garrison, Student Employment Officer
 Dana Novak, Temporary University Specialist
 Ashley Slater, Scholarships &
Student Employment Administrator
 6 Student Administrative Assistants
Employment Guide
Employment Guide Highlights
 Employment Verification
 Refer employment wage verifications to Renee in Payroll
 FERPA privacy requirements
 Student employment=Educational records
 Students must give parents access to disclose Student
Employment information
 Meal Breaks
 Students working 7.5 hours or more MUST be offered a
30 minute meal break (unpaid)
 If student cannot leave work station, you MUST pay
them for meal break
 Rest breaks at the discretion of supervisor
Student Hiring Overview
“Pay Rates”
Effective as of 12/26/2014
Pay Scale
Class I
The position does not require a specific degree of
skill or prior work experience.
Class II
The position requires a reasonable degree of skill,
prior experience and a fair amount of
$8.85 – 10.05
Class III
The position requires a high degree of skill and
entails an extensive amount of responsibility.
$10.10 – 12.05
Class IV
The position requires advanced skill,
market/environmental demand, knowledge and/or
training in a scientific, academic or specialized
$12.10 – 27.40
Forms & Guides
Student Hiring Overview
Student Hiring Overview
“Candidate Selection”
 Post jobs with Student Employment via
 Equal Employment Opportunity compliance = 2 week
advertising requirement =University Policy
 No advertising requirement for returning employees
 Can begin interviewing before 2 weeks are up
 Narrow down candidates to decide who to interview
 Interview candidates
 Equity: Have standard set of interview questions
 Questions and requirements must relate to job duties in ad
 Make hiring decisions and communicate with candidates
Student Hiring Overview
“Candidate Selection”
 Nepotism Policy=University Policy
 Purpose:
 The employment or contracting for service of relatives in the
same department or area of an organization may cause conflicts
and serve as the basis for complaints concerning disparate
treatment and favoritism as well as violations of the state’s
Ethics statute.
 This policy is established to protect against such conflicts and
complaints, and to provide for the ethical and legally consistent
treatment of individuals with relatives seeking employment or
who are employed by the University.
Record Retention
Department Responsibility
 Application (interviewed but not hired) including resumes,
transcripts, interview materials - 2 years
 Timesheets – 4 years
 Student Employment file – 5 years
 Must receive authorization from University Archivist before
destroying any records
Policies/Best Practices Related to
Employment Law
 Do not schedule students to work before pre-employment
paperwork is complete!
 Student Employment will notify Payroll contacts of holds on
payroll authorizations and reasons why student cannot work
 Contact Student Employment and/or Payroll immediately if there
are authorization or timecard entry problems
 Always enter time worked on the correct timecard and by payroll
 Contact Student Employment and/or Payroll immediately if there
are paycheck errors
Progressive Discipline
 Verbal Warning-specifying what area needs improvement
 Written Warning-when further disciplinary action is required
 Contact Student Employment prior to issuing the written
 Dismissal-in the event the student fails to meet satisfactory
standards of job performance
Grievance Steps
 Informal
 It is hoped that both parties can come together to resolve the
issue by communication
 If the student is not satisfied with the results of an informal
hearing, they may ask a representative from the Student
Employment unit to act as a mediator
 Formal
 Defined as, and limited to, a written complaint involving an
alleged violation of a specific provision outlined in the Student
Employment Guide
 Step 1: Upon receipt supervisor and/or department head will
schedule a meeting within 10 working days. If grievant is
dissatisfied with results, he/she may proceed to Step 2.
 Step 2: Grievant may appeal in writing to Assistant Director in
Scholarships & Student Employment within 10 working days.
 Step 3: Grievant may appeal to Director of Financial Aid within 10
working days. This step is final and binding.
Supervising Minors
 Whether they are paid or volunteering, must follow the
Connecticut Department of Labor guidelines
 There is a list of Prohibited Occupations and Places of
 MUST follow non-UConn student hiring process for paid positions
Student Hiring Overview
“WINJA Entry”
 Enter payroll authorization in WINJA as soon as candidate
accepts position
 SSN/Temp Number
 Citizenship Status
 Start & End Dates
 Authorized amount
 KFS Code
 Job Code
 Pay Rate
 U-box
 If confirmation page doesn’t show, log back in to insure that
payroll authorization submitted
Pre-Employment Paperwork and Form I-9
 New student checklist
 Student brings original forms of ID to Scholarship &
Student Employment unit (Payroll if International Student)
 Once the Form I-9 is complete, the student will receive a “green
sheet” to show that s/he has been cleared to begin work.
 Only a check in the top box indicates the student has
completed the process.
 After paperwork is completed, Student Employment releases
hold on payroll authorization in Genesys (Payroll if
International Student)
 Form I-9 is valid as long as there is continuous employment.
International Student Hiring
 Students may NOT begin work until they have a green
Call Student Employment for Student’s SSN or temporary
Enter the authorization in WINJA
 You will need Student’s SSN/Temporary Number,
Status, Country and Expiration Date
AND tell student to email [email protected]
 Student will complete Form I-9 & tax paperwork with
You must give the student the F1 Employment Verification
letter so they can apply for SSN
When in doubt contact Karla
Form I-9: Regional Campuses
 New student checklist
 Student brings original forms of ID to Regional
campus contact
 Student completes section 1 of Form I-9 on or before
first day of work
 Department contact completes section 2 of Form I9 within 3 business days of start of work
 Department contact faxes Form I-9 to Student
Employment for US citizens and US Permanent
 Department contact faxes Form I-9 to Payroll for
International students
 Once Student Employment or Payroll receives Form I9, we release holds on payroll authorization in Genesys
 Form I-9 is valid as long as there is continuous
Important Reminders Regarding
Employment Law
 Federal law:
 Section 1 of Form I-9 must be completed and signed by
student ON or BEFORE their first day of work (but not
until after accepting job offer).
Failure to comply with Form I-9 requirements can lead to
fines ranging from $110 - $16,000.00.
 Federal and State Labor Laws:
 Employees must be paid in timely manner
Incomplete authorization or incomplete preemployment paperwork = No timecard generated and no
pay = Violation
Dates and Deadlines
 Keep track of end dates!
 Process new authorizations prior to end date of previous
 Update the Winja and Focus Agreement Forms
 Annually by the end of each January
 Deadline for Student Payroll Time Report Sheets
 Friday of non-pay week
 Deadline for the entry of the student hours in Focus
 NOON on Friday of pay week
 WINJA Deadlines
 New Students – Monday of pay week by close of business
 Continuations – Tuesday of pay week by noon
 FOCUS timecards generate for students
 Generation Tuesday evening before the end of a pay period
 All holds on payroll authorizations must be released prior to
timecard generation job
 May take up to 4 weeks from the entry of the Payroll
Authorization to generate first timecard for new student
 Student must be entered into the State CORE payroll system
prior to timecard generation job
 Enter hours on FOCUS timecards
 Data entry possible every 2 weeks Wednesday – Friday
 Usual deadline: Friday after payroll end date at noon
 Verify Work-Study balance on FOCUS timecard
Time Cards
 Call or email Maribel immediately with FOCUS access issues.
 Be sure to have a back up person for Online Timecard entry!
 Subscribe to the Student Payroll and Student Employment
 When requesting Focus access, you need:
 Mainframe account AND
 Focus Agreement Form
 Please send manual sheets only once!
 Email, Mail OR Fax
 Duplicate timesheets can lead to overpayment!
 Supervisors responsibility
 Supervisors are responsible for the accuracy of their
student’s timecards
Time Card
Corrected Timesheets
 Download the Student Payroll Time Report Sheet
 List all hours worked in the pay period, including any
previously submitted hours.
 Payroll will calculate the amount to be paid
 The deadline to submit corrected or late timesheets:
 Friday, Noon of a non-pay week
 Corrected timesheets should be faxed:
 Attention of Maribel Ortiz to 860-486-4296
Student Paychecks
 Direct Deposit statements available in ePay
 Pay for all student jobs lumped into a single check
 Students receive payment 2 weeks after hours submitted
 Paychecks – Thursday after 3:00 pm
 Direct Deposit – Thursday morning
 Checks routing determined by Section Code in Payroll system
 Stub going to a former employer? Contact Payroll to change
Section Code
Sick leave Public act No. 11-52
 No sick hours can be enter on the student’s focus time card
 Students employees accrue 1 hr. of paid sick time for every 40
hrs. worked
Eligible to use time upon completion of 680th hr. of work
Can only use 40 hrs. per calendar year
Sick leave can only be used in lieu of previously scheduled work
Sick leave must be taken in 1 hr. increments
For detailed information, visit Payroll’s website at
Student Sick Time
 Sick Time must be reported on the Student Payroll Sick Time
 Use the online form (populate dates/total hours):
Employee ID number
Hourly Rate (needs to be correct for pay period
 Sick time should NOT be entered into FOCUS!
 This is an official record - each sick day needs to be
accurately recorded
 Submit sick time during cycle sick time was taken
 Submit one form per employee per job per pay period
Student Sick Time
 Check balances in application prior to submitting form
 Do not send multiple copies of a form
 Email, Mail OR Fax
 Work Study Accounts CANNOT be used to pay sick time!
 Must have Student Labor account set up to pay
 User ID
 6 digit employee number located on pay stub
 “Find Employee Number” link on the ePay page of the
Payroll Department website
 Password (expires on first log in)
 First 4 letters of your last name (all caps) and last 4 digits of
your Social Security Number
 System Profile
 Set up system email address and forgotten password help
question located under My System Profile
 Visit for ePay Training Tools, FAQs,
ePay Help Request Form and the Find Employee Number
Direct Deposit
 Direct Deposit is strongly encouraged for all UConn employees,
including your students!
 Advantages
 Avoid the inconvenience of manually depositing a check
each pay period
 Protection against loss or theft of checks
 Payments are timely and reliable
 Funds from direct deposit payments are accessible earlier
than the funds from checks
Workers’ Compensation 101
 What is workers’ compensation?
 Workers’ compensation is a mandatory program that pays
medical costs and lost wages to full and part-time employees
in the event of a work-related injury or illness.
 Who is eligible for workers’ compensation?
 All student labor and work-study students are eligible for
workers’ compensation benefits, assuming the injury/illness
occurs while in the course of their employment with the
 Who determines if an injury/illness is covered?
 The State contracts with a third party administrator to
determine whether or not a claim is compensable under
workers’ compensation. It is not up to the supervisor,
employee, or anyone else at the University to make the
What to do when an injury/illness occurs?
 The State of Connecticut WC Program requires that an
employee report a work-related injury/illness to their
supervisor immediately.
Any emergency medical treatment should be sought.
 Student Health Services can be utilized by STUDENTS only
 Area emergency departments or walk-in clinics
Supervisors must work with the injured employee to
complete the DAS First Report of Injury WC-207, within
24 hours of the incident.
The form can be found on the Payroll website:
 Supervisors MUST accept all reports of injury from an
employee and cannot deny an employee from filing a claim.
What to do once the WC-207 is filled out?
 The supervisor must call the reporting hotline to report the
injury/illness by calling 1-800-828-2717 (found underneath the
signature line on the form)
 At the end of the call, you will be given a reference number which
is placed in the upper left hand corner of the form
 You must send a copy of the WC-207 to the Payroll Department,
Attn: Vivian Cadenhead
 Fax: 860-486-6510
 Ubox: 1111
Time Lost from Work
When an employee has been placed out of work, they may or may
not be eligible for wage replacement benefits. It is imperative that a
supervisor inform the WC Administrator in the Payroll Department
if an employee is losing time from work as a result of their injury.
 This may impact how and if time is entered into FOCUS, so
timing is very important!
Restricted/Light Duty
 If an employee seeks medical treatment and is given light
duty, ensure that they are working within their
 The University is at risk if you have them performing tasks they
are restricted from performing!
 Any medical forms that you receive should be sent to the
WC Administrator in the Payroll Department.
 If the employee is given restrictions that you cannot
accommodate, you must notify the WC Administrator.
 Timeliness is critical in processing a claim.
Complete the First Report of Injury; form WC-207
Call the reporting line
Send the WC-207 and related medical documentation to the
Payroll Department
 Being aware of your surroundings to ensure the safety of
yourself and those around you!
Work Study Split
“25% Match”
 University departments are responsible for paying 25% of the
earnings for Federal Work Study Students
 Departments provide their KFS # to Budget Office
 Budget Office will charge the 25% to the designated account
 Vivian Cadenhead, Workers’ Compensation Administrator
[email protected]
Phone: 860-486-2279
Fax: 860-486-6510
Budds’ Building, Room 339
Payroll Department Contact Info
 Budds Building Room 334
 Main line 486-2423, Fax 486-4296
 Maribel Ortiz – Student Payroll Coordinator
 [email protected]
 Phone: 860-486-1139
 Karla Desjardins – Payroll Supervisor
 [email protected]
 Phone: 860-486-5763
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