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Presentation Summary
About HERC
HERC Programs and Benefits
Current Projects
HERC: Jobs in Smart Places!
The mission of HERC is to advance the
efforts of member institutions to recruit
the most outstanding and diverse faculty,
staff and administrators, and to assist
dual-career couples.
• HERC stands for Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
• Non-profit association, founded in 2000 by campuses in
Northern California to address dual-career and diversity
• Now in 18 regions representing more than 25 U.S. states and
the District of Columbia
• Over 600 member institutions, including public and private
colleges and universities, teaching hospitals, government
labs and agencies, and other entities with a related mission.
Background, cont.
• Regional & national HERC websites promote member visibility
• National coordinating office handles technology, advertising,
marketing, partnerships and new HERC outreach
• Regional membership is at the institutional level. Dues cover
all HERC benefits and discounts
• Typical HERC member representatives come from Human
Resources, AA/EEO and the Provost’s Office
HERC Organizational Growth
18 Regions + National HERC Office
2000: Northern California
2003: Southern California
2005: NJ/Eastern PA/DE
2006: New England
2007: National HERC
2007: Metro NY & Southern CT
2007: Upstate NY
2007: Greater Chicago Midwest
2007: Michigan
2007: St. Louis
2008: Mid-Atlantic
2008: Upper Midwest
2011: North Texas
2012: Greater Oregon
2012: South-Gulf-Central Texas
2013: Greater Washington State
2014: Greater Colorado
2014: Ohio/Western Pennsylvania/West Virginia
HERCs Under Discussion:
• Tennessee
• Georgia
• Mississippi
• South Carolina
Dual-career: Formal Network of Campuses
within a Commutable Distance
• 14 accredited institutions of higher education
in Harris county.
• 9 accredited institutions of higher education
in adjacent counties
• 70 accredited higher education institutions
within our HERC region, most with three or
more others within a daily commute.
• For faculty jobs, especially adjunct,
“commutable” distance can be much greater.
Diversity Recruiting
Regional & national
jobs websites
attendance that
reaches higher ed
minority jobseekers
National advertising
targeted to reach
minority jobseekers
in academe
Partnerships with
minority serving
associations &
Diversity Recruiting:
National Advertising to Reach Minority
Jobseekers in Academe
National HERC Advertising 2010 - 2013
New York Times
Academic Network
HBCU Connect
New York Times editorial
Insight into Diversity
Google Adwords & Content
National Society of Black
Diverse: Issues in Higher
American Political Science
Modern Language Association
Monitor on Psychology (APA)
American Sociological
Latinos in Higher Ed
American Historical Association
Hispanic Outlook
Modern Language Association of
Diversity Recruiting:
Partnerships & Conferences
National Conference on Race & Ethnicity
in American Higher Education
Diversity Recruiting:
Outreach at Diversity Conferences
HERC reaches out to
scientists, scholars, and other
professionals who are:
• Women
• Minorities
• Veterans
• People with disabilities
• And members of the GLBT
Professional Development:
Regional Member Meetings/Speakers
Professional Development:
Free Member Webinars
Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent through Tuition Assistance & Scholarships
Thursday, October 16 at 12:00 Central Time
Developing a Diversity Scorecard
Disclosing Disability: What You Need to Know
Academic Couples: Opportunities and Strategies
Caregiver Support in Higher Education
Social Media Minefields in Higher Education
…and many more!
HERC Website Upgrades
2013 Updates:
• Upgraded look and feel
• Enhanced data on applicants and jobseekers
• Increased ADA compliance
• More content & tools for jobseekers & members
• Integration with social media
• Mobile friendly
2014 Updates:
• Improved Dual Career Functionality
2015 HERC Website Plans
• Enhanced jobseeker communications, including ealerts about jobs, career fairs, conferences that
HERC will attend, and new resources.
• Department of Labor collaboration to “pre-approve”
HERC as a way to satisfy recruitment requirements.
• More feeds to other job boards.
• Saved searches and job alerts.
• HERC app for smartphones.
• External review – functional testing by a 3rd party.
HERC Partnership with DirectEmployers
Central HERC office has been negotiating a partnership with
DirectEmployers (DE), a non-profit HR consortium of employers.
Upon completion of testing, HERC member jobs will be distributed to
several hundred diversity focused-sites at no additional cost to our
members. Testing has been ongoing since this summer.
DE expects to have all HERC member jobs (excluding member
institutions that use PeopleAdmin) distributed to their network by the
end of September.
PeopleAdmin institutions present additional difficulties and can expect
their job postings to be distributed through DE by January 2015.
Central HERC dues for South Central Gulf Texas are currently $25,000
per year. This is the amount charged to all HERCs of 10 or more
As part of a national dues restructuring, our dues in FY2016 could be
reduced by as much as $7,000, resulting in significant savings that we
could put toward jobseeker outreach, career fairs and advertising.
More information on this topic will be known after the national board
meeting at the end of October.
HERC Board
Central HERC holds two national board meetings per year. Each
regional HERC can send two board members to these meetings.
Our original board members were selected through a discussion
among the founding members, but we will be opening this opportunity
to a vote in January 2015.
Board members must agree to serve on at least one national HERC
committee and must agree to attend both national meetings in person
or via phone conference.
If you would like to be considered for this opportunity or would like to
nominate a colleague at your institution, let me know.
HERC Offices
- Regional Website & Data
- HERC-wide Website & Data
- Member Meetings & Conferences - National Advertising & Marketing
- Member Communication &
- National Conference Attendance
- Dual-Career Collaboration
- New HERC Development &
Regional HERC Assistance
- Regional Webinars
- Partnership Program
- Regional Advisory Board &
- National Advisory Board &
South Central Gulf Texas
Our Members
Cost of Membership
• The average annual cost of HERC membership is $3,000 per institution.
• Most regions have a tiered dues structure and smaller campuses pay
less and larger campuses pay more. South-Central-Gulf Texas HERC
bases member dues on IPEDS count of benefits-eligible employees.
• In our structure, dues fall between $1,500 - $5,000.
• National HERC is a non-profit. Regional dues cover operating costs.
• Individual institution dues are set by the HERC region.
• Dues can be split between HR and Faculty Affairs.
• The average number of member institutions in a regional HERC is 34.
South-Central-Gulf Texas HERC History
• January 2012
Kickoff Meeting
• May 2012
First Spring Mini-Conference
• August 2012
Contract signed; SCGTX HERC is Official
• October 2012
First Fall Mini-Conference
• January-February 2013
Soft launch new website
• January-July 2013
New member outreach, funded by HERC Development Grant
South-Central-Gulf Texas HERC History
• Finalize member job feeds to HERC site
• New member outreach
• Jobseeker outreach – Spring/Summer
South-Central-Gulf Texas HERC History
South-Central-Gulf Texas HERC – FY2015
• Member outreach in Galveston, Austin, San Antonio
• Jobseeker Outreach
– Local Advertising
Houston Chronicle
Austin Statesman
Bryan/College Station?
South-Central-Gulf Texas HERC – FY2015
• Jobseeker Outreach:
– Promote HERC on our campuses
– Career Fairs
• Communications Career Fair – Fall 2014
• Veterans Career Fair – Spring 2015
• Corporate Partners
• National Board Member Elections
Contact the National HERC Office
Nancy Aebersold
Executive Director
National Higher Education Recruitment
[email protected]
Contact South-Central Texas HERC
Ann Pino
Director, South-Central-Gulf Texas HERC
HR Manager, University of Houston
[email protected]
Thank you!