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Jessie Stadd, Kratos Learning
Jeffrey Fantine, Technical Assistance Coordinator
About Points of Entry
About the Project
• Investment through Open Society Foundations
Special Fund for Poverty Alleviation
• Aligned goals with Department of Education
– Policy to Performance
– Designing Instruction for Career Pathways
• Project Period of September 2011 – December 2012
About the Project
• Eight demonstration sites received funding and
customized technical assistance to develop and/or
enhance services
• Promotes the development of career pathways and
transition programs that lead to employment for
middle-skilled adults and prisoners in re-entry
Target Population
• Enhancing services for three hard-to-serve
– Middle-skilled adults (6-8 GLE)
– Incarcerated adults (6-12 GLE)
– Adults on probation or parole (6-12 GLE)
GLE = Grade Level Equivalent
From the News
Project Goals
Work with a subset of demonstration sites to:
• Build new and strengthen existing partnerships to
support transition services
• Develop career pathways that integrate academic,
career-related, and support services including
behavioral interventions
• Developing sustainable practices and impacting state
and local policies
Vision for Ongoing Impact
• President’s 2020 Initiative
• Bring national focus to hard-to-serve
• Improve career and college readiness systems
in states
• Potential for statewide replication and
promotion of promising practices
Project Strategies
• Financial resources
• Ongoing technical assistance
• Access to subject matter experts and transition
• Training & learning opportunities
Participant Discussion
• In your experience in this field, what are
some barriers facing these populations?
Demonstration Sites
Demonstration Sites
• Funding eight sites in ten locations across the
country in both rural and urban areas in:
– Alabama
– California
– Massachusetts
– New York
Demonstration Sites
Prison or Jail-based
Re-entry Interventions
Basic Skills Interventions
Elk Grove Adult &
Community Education
Elk Grove, CA
Hampden County Sheriff’s
Springfield, MA
Ludlow Adult Area Learning
Ludlow, MA
J.F. Ingram State Technical
Elmore, AL
Contra Costa County Office City of Cambridge
of Education
Community Learning Center
Visalia, CA &
Cambridge, MA
Riverside, CA
Syracuse City School
Syracuse, NY
Literacy West NY, Inc.
Alleghany County, NY
St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES
Massena, NY
Prison or Jail-Based
Elk Grove Adult & Community
• POE Intervention:
– Enhanced transition from county jail to academic and
workforce services
– Transition Specialist
– Advisory Board
Elk Grove Adult and Community Education
Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center
Los Rios Community Colleges
Sacramento Works Career Centers
Elk Grove: Project Highlights
Elk Grove
received a “2012
Practices Award”
from CASAS.
Syracuse City School District
• POE Intervention
– Enhanced pre-release planning
– Transition students from the Justice Center to Literacy
– Consistent Case Manager
– Learner Web/Career Readiness Six-Week Module
J.F. Ingram State Technical College
• POE Intervention
Dual Enrollment in CTE/ABE
Academic and workforce services, OSHA training
Behavioral intervention
Better utilization of existing services
Enhanced coordination with Corrections personnel
Ingram: Project Highlight
“I try my best to show new
students, “look at how the
program affected me”,
especially the people that
knew me before, and they
see the newer me now. They
can see the change. I am
going to try and enroll back
into a technical college when
I get out . . . My plan is to get
an associate’s degree in
Travon Ackey, Ingram State Technical
College, Carpentry Student
Re-entry Interventions
Hampden County Sheriff’s
• POE Intervention
Developed new partnerships
Developed academic component
Coordination with AISS services
Enhancing path to Holyoke Community College’s bridge
Contra Costa County Office of
• POE Intervention
– Cohort approach for POE modules:
• Workforce skills certification system
• Commitment to Change
– Increased outreach to partners
– Regional Transition Specialist
Literacy West NY, Inc.
• POE Intervention:
Managed enrollment
Mandated enrollment
Re-Entry Team
WIA Title I Resources
Regional approach
• Behavioral intervention
Literacy West: Project Highlight
“Literacy West funded an
8-week training program
for me. I completed the
program and through that
I was able to get full
employment as a tool
grinder . . . There’s always
opportunity for me to
move up.”
Stephen Pink, Literacy West NY, Inc.,
CNC Machining Training
Ludlow Area Adult Learning Center
• POE Intervention:
– Expanded delivery of services by 3 hrs/wk to include
computer and career instruction
– Career Integration
• Use of blended ESOL/workforce development curriculum
(Integrating Career Awareness)
• Career-focused conversation classes
• New element for this grade level
– Continuum of services
• POE Intervention
Integrated work-focus to classes
Modified Integrating Career Awareness
Career counselor
• Bunker Hill Community College
• One Stop
– Culture Change
St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES
• POE Intervention
– Restructured services to the Gateways career pathways
– Managed enrollment
– Academic coursework
– Career exploration and planning, advising, work readiness
– Computers
– Expanding to other regional sites
Career Pathways
• Enhanced academic services
• Enhanced pathway to postsecondary
Elk Grove
Literacy West
St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES
• Deepened relationships with existing partners
– Formal Agreements
– Recruitment and referral processes
• Literacy West, Contra Costa, Elk Grove
– Better utilization of internal and external resources
• Literacy West, Cambridge, Elk Grove, HCSD
– Shared training opportunities
• Literacy West
Support Services/Behavior Change
Behavioral Change
Career Focus
Thinking for a Change
– Literacy West
Developing Problem
Solving Strategies for a
Successful Reentry
– Ingram
Commitment to Change
– Elk Grove
Integrating Career
– Cambridge
Connecting Pre- & Post-Release
• Transition Specialist/Case Manager
Elk Grove
Contra Costa
• Are you already putting these components
into practice in your programs? Tell us about
– Career pathways for correctional or ABE
– Culture change
– Partnership teams
– Behavioral interventions
– Others?
• An evaluation is currently underway by Judith A.
Alamprese, Principal Scientist, Abt Associates
• For more information, obtain the slides from
Monday’s session: Developing Career Pathways for
Adults in Reentry: Lessons from Research
• Questions? Email
[email protected]
How You Can Join Us!
• Learn and share with the demonstration sites,
experts, and project staff through a dedicated group
on the Adult Career Pathways-Support Center
(www.acp-sc.org) forums.
• Sign up and we will send you an invitation to join
the group to discuss this topic with POE partners
and other colleagues.
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Jeffrey Fantine
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