H2P Consortium: Transforming Health Career Educational Pathways

H2P Consortium: Transforming Health
Career Educational Pathways
The Role of the Virtual Career Network
Marianne Krismer Ed.D.
National Director, H2P Consortium
“This workforce solution was funded by a grant awarded under the Trade
Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grants as
implemented by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training
The Vision:
“The H2P Consortium will
dramatically improve health
professions training via career
pathways and the development
of core curriculum and core
“Individually we Innovate
Collectively we Transform”
H2P Consortium
Community Colleges:
Anoka Ramsey Community College – Coon Rapids MN
Ashland Community and Technical College – Ashland KY
City Colleges of Chicago – Chicago IL
Cincinnati State Technical and Community College – OH
El Centro College – Dallas TX
Jefferson Community and Technical College – Louisville, KY
Owens Community College, Toledo OH
Pine Technical College – Pine MN
Texarkana College – Texarkana TX
I-Seek, Minneapolis MN – Technical Assistance
Office of Community College Research and Leadership –
University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana- Evaluators
National Association of Workforce Boards
National Network of Two Year Health Programs
Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM – Technical
“Individually we Innovate, Collectively we
Why H2P Matters:
Current Community College
Pathway Model:
H2P Health Career
Pathway Model:
Smooth student transport to
employment destination…
The 8 H2P Strategies - Building
Blocks to Reform Healthcare Training
1. Prior Learning Assessment and Career Guidance
2. Contextualized Education
3. Competency-based Core Curriculum
4. Industry Recognized Stackable Credentials
5. Enhanced Retention Support
6. Training programs for Incumbent Health Professions
7. Enhanced Data and Accountability Systems
8. Galvanizing a National Movement to Improve Health
Professions Training
Improving Student Outcomes
VCN Traffic for 9
H2P Colleges
since 2012:
Averages 3000+
hits per month
Prior Learning Assessment and Career Guidance
 Virtual Career Network
 Work keys, Fit and Talent
 Pre-Assessment Tutoring
Enhanced Retention Support
Since October 1,
2014, 88% of
H2P Participants
Exceeding goal
of 80%
 Intrusive Advising
 Text Messaging
H2P Colleges
VCN Implementation
 Year 1:
 VCN 101 for staff and students
 Marketing
 Year 2:
 Implementation
 Onboarding participants
 Year 3-4:
 Focus on retraining student success advisors to
become career coaches
 Retraining on VCN using job placement tools
Virtual Career Network – Important Pathway Tool
 Career Exploration
 Extensive career data synthesis
 Local projection of employment opportunity
 Program requirements
 Assessment /Refresher
 PLA Portfolio Tool
 Basic Skills Refresher
 Essential Skills
 Science: Biology, Chemistry, A&P
 Technology Basics
 Medical Terminology
 Health IT
 Job Search
 Links to major job search engines
 Interview prep
H2P Colleges
Implementing the Pathway Model
 ACT Work Keys Assessments, including National
Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). Nationally
recognized, evidenced based portable credential.
 NCRC – over 3,000 credentials earned by
participants with silver being predominant.
 Intrusive Academic Advising, Preadmission, program
of study and employment support and services.
 Over 5700 new students served since Spring 12.
 Prior Learning Assessments completed with
 363 students granted 1223.5 credit hours,
representing @400 classes avoided as of
The H2P Health Career Training Transformation
From: Education Silos based upon
Courses and Curriculum
To: Meaningful Programs
of Study identified and
validated by the Workforce
Community  Leading to
high demand Health Care
For more information:
[email protected]
NN2 Website: www.nn2.org
“Individually we Innovate
Collectively we Transform”