OMB A-133 - University of Maryland

Department of
Procurement & Supply
Purchasing Commodities
and Services at the
University of Maryland
Who We Are
James Stirling
Small & Minority Business
Programs Administrator
Victoria Leatherwood
Compliance Specialist
Kathryn Harris
I.T. Support Staff
Joseph Lederman
Associate Director
Supplies & Services
Assistant Director
Physical Distribution
Associate Director
Construction & Facilities Services
Assistant Director
Delegated Procurement
James Haley
Location: Chesapeake Bldg
Location: PDC
Location: 0410 Service Bldg
Marty Newman
Location: Chesapeake Bldg
Commodities & Services
Mary Ann Zimmerman
Bruce Brewer
April Weimer
Procurement Specialists
Paula Mandelman
Vickie Underwood
Lucy Sanchez
Patty Butner
Jeffrey Turner
Kathy Barrett
Tracey Schlegel
Terrapin Trader
Construction & A/E
Mike Painter
Rex Fitch
Thomas Blanchard
Joyce Falkinburg
Carl Merica
Lamont Timmons
Support Staff
George Shettle
Transportation & Distribution
Procurement Specialists
Denise Elliott
Belle V Gentry
Buyers/Buyer Assoc.
Christine O’Brien
Jennifer Ireland
Tanida Sombatpium
Doug Waterman
Nick Trainor
George Williams
Harry Teabout
Charles Koehnlein
Business Manager
Harry Sheets
General Stores
Support Staff
Leslie Mauck
Sidney Salazar
Support Staff
Karen Elvidge
Lisa Thompson
Procurement Specialists
Vickie Stoner
Support Staff
Carole Simpson
Purchasing Card
Kristina Libby
Support Staff
Kristin Stenson
Tammy Yanulevich
Melvin Contee
In support of the University’s mission of excellence in
education, research, outreach and collaborative partnerships
with the greater community, the Department of Procurement
and Supply will:
•Establish and administer contracts effectively
•Procure facilities, goods and services for best value
•Delegate procurement authority to promote efficiency
•Provide value-added physical distribution services
•Ensure University business is conducted in a fair and open
environment, in full compliance with applicable laws and
Contacting Procurement
• Procurement & Supply
Home Page
• Main Information 301-4055813
• Main Fax 301-314-9565
6 Steps to Procurement
6 Steps to Procurement
• Step 1 Consider borrowing or
purchasing used or
environmentally friendly
• Step 2 Are the goods or services
available in-house?
• Step 3 Does the State require
that we purchase the goods or
services from “Preference
6 Steps to Procurement
• Step 4 Is the transaction within
Delegated Procurement Authority?
• Step 5 Submit a Requisition for
Purchase to the Department of
Procurement and Supply. For
competitive purchases include:
Requisition for Purchase
Performance requirements
Estimated dollar amount
Funding source
• click here: Instructions for How to
Prepare a Requisition
6 Steps to Procurement
• Step 6 Contact the Department of
Procurement and Supply with
– Main Information 301-405-5813
– Main Fax 301-314-9565
• Note: This training does not cover
Procurement. Contact Joe Vogel
(301-405-2898) or Karen Elvidge
Code of Ethics
• Give Vendors Fair and Equal
• Strive to obtain the maximum
value for each dollar of
• Do Not Accept Gifts or Gratuities
such as
– Tickets to sporting or entertainment
events, golf outings, meals
Code Of Ethics
• Avoid Appearance of Conflict of
– Do not place orders with relatives or
firms with whom you have some
ownership or relationship
• Conduct business with potential and
current suppliers in an atmosphere of
good faith, devoid of intentional
Types of Procurements
• Delegated to Departments
• Processed by Procurement &
Sole Source
Also Construction/Facilities
Procurement, but specifics are not
covered in this training. Contact Joe
Vogel (301-405-2898) or Karen
Elvidge (301-405-3269)
Delegated Procurement
Delegated Procurement
• Campus has authority to spend up
to $5,000*
• *Purchasing Card
• *Small Procurement Orders
• *Consultant Contract up to $5,000
• Master Contracts
• Travel Card
Delegated Procurement
• Primary Tool: Purchasing Card
• Cardholder Agreement and
Training with Test Required
• Purchases limited to $5,000 or
less per transaction
• Certain Items/Services Restricted
(Click here for specifics)
Purchasing Card
• Issued in Individual’s Name
• Not for Personal Purchases
• No Cash and Cash Equivalents
(gift cards, etc.)
• Not for Travel or Restaurants
• Cards Must NOT be shared
• No Splitting Orders to Bypass
Procurement Regulations
• Pay Fair and Reasonable Prices
Master Contracts
• Approx. 50 Master Contracts
• Many Master Contracts with
Small and Minority Vendors
• Office Supplies, Computer
Peripherals, MRO Supplies
available through General Stores
• See Listing on website (Click here
for link – requires UM user ID and
Types of Procurements
Processed by Procurement &
Types of Procurements
Issued by Procurement &
Classification by Size, Initiated by
• Micro Procurement <$5,000
• Simplified Procurement >$5,000
but <$100,000
• Formal Procurement >$100,000
• *Sole Source – Any Amount
Requisition for Purchase
• Transaction is generally initiated
by creating a Requisition and
submitting it to Procurement and
Supply (Click here for
• Requisition Form on website
(Click here to access form)
• Assignment of Requisition
Numbers on website
Requisition Must Have
• Approval by authorized signatory
(authorization card on file in
Procurement & Supply)
• Clear specifications
• Complete information
– who, what, where, when, why
• Sufficient time for process
– Give a realistic date for delivery - not
Writing Specifications
3 Major Types of Specifications
1. Design – Identify minimum
2. Performance – Describe what
you expect the good or service to
3. Combination of design and
Simplified Procurement
Simplified Procurement
• $5,000 to $100,000
• Handled by Procurement and
Supply except Master Contract
– Goal is to issue purchase order with
14 days
• Simplified refers to the more
streamlined process Procurement
Specialists in Procurement and
Supply use to execute these
Request For Quotation
• Typically the Procurement
Specialist will send a Request For
Quotation (RFQ) to several
suppliers. Will be considered for
SBE/MBE procurement
• Based only on criteria stated in the
– RFQ - low price that meets the
Formal Procurement
Formal Procurement
Greater than $100,000
Request For Proposals (RFP)
Invitation For Bid (IFB)
Handled by Procurement and Supply
Customer Prepares the Statement of
• Customer Assists in the Development
of a Milestone Plan
• Requires More Teamwork between
Procurement and Customer
• Award Based on Best Value
Publication of the
• e-Maryland Marketplace
• Others as necessary
– Length of time before due date is
now flexible
RFP Process
• Pre-Proposal Conference
• Evaluation of Technical Proposals
– By Committee
– Written Clarifications/Oral
• Evaluation of Price Proposals
• Award by Best Value
Sole Source Procurement
What is a “Sole Source”
Sole Source Procurement: “A situation created due to the
inability to obtain competition. May result because only one
vendor or supplier possesses the unique ability or capability to
meet the particular requirements of the solicitation.” –NIGP
Online Dictionary
• Equipment, Supplies and Consumables:
– Products can only be purchased directly from a manufacturer
that has NO resellers or distributors.
– If resellers are available the purchase is NOT a sole source.
• Consultants and other Specialized Services
– A Consultant has a unique set of knowledge, skills and abilities
that make him/her the ONLY consultant that can do the
required work.
– A Scope of Work is required for all consulting contracts.
What is Not a Sole
• A company offers a great price or deal, much better than its
• A company has the quickest delivery time.
• A company is known for providing the “best” product.
• A contract with the company already exists.
• This company provided the product last time.
• Sold by the manufacturer but there are resellers.
To initiate a Sole Source Purchase include:
Requisition (The template is available on the Procurement and Supply
webpage: , by selecting the “Forms” link. )
• Estimated dollar amount
• Funding source
• Scope of Work or Performance requirements. All mandatory
requirements must be clearly identified.
• Sole Source Justification form.
• The department provides justification using a Sole Source
Justification form. The template is available on the Procurement
and Supply webpage: , by
selecting the “Forms” link. It must be filled out and signed.
• Market Analysis- every sole source justification form must
include information documenting the department’s market
research to find all available vendors able to provide the required
goods or services.
Writing a Sole Source Determination
Questions that address the type of information that should be included
in the sole source:
• What are we purchasing?
•What are the technical requirements?
• Is this the only available product/service that meets all requirements?
•How do we know this is the only product/service that will work?
• Who is the manufacturer?
•How do we know this is the only company/individual that can supply
this product/service?
•Are there any resellers or distributors?
• What market research has been done to look for other products/services
that might meet your requirements? And what were the results of that
market research?
• What are the specific problems with any competitor’s products?
Additional Information about How Sole
Source Purchases are Processed
• The more information included in the sole source justification
form, the better!
• If the equipment or service provider was specifically listed in a
grant or contract as a key part of the University’s effort, provide
pertinent pages of the grant or contract, with the sole source form.
• The information must clearly explain the market research that
was completed to identify this purchase as a sole source.
• Procurement will typically perform independent research to
confirm that this is the only available source. If Procurement
finds there are resellers or distributors available, then a formal
request for quotation will be issued.
Sole Source Contract
• Formal proposal from Contractor
• Contractor Reviews and Signs our
Terms, Conditions, Affidavits and
Sole Source Contract
• Procurement Determines Price
• Procurement Determines
Contractor Responsibility
– Past Performance
– Technical Capabilities
– Financial Stability
• Procurement Issues Contract
Special Approvals
• All purchases using Bond Funds require
prior approval of the MD Board of Public
– Who? The Governor, Comptroller and
• Contracts over $5 Million require prior
approval of the USM Board of Regents
Vendor Contracts
Vendor Contract Review
• Only Procurement can sign
vendor contracts, agreements
• Insurance
– University is self insured
– Need a certificate of insurance? Contact Risk
Manager, Donna McMahon, DES
• Vendor Agreements, Licenses,
Waivers, Contracts and Contract
– All such documents, regardless of cost, require
Procurement’s review for objectionable terms
Consulting Agreements
• Consulting services are, in principle,
no different from any other contract for
• Contracts over $5,000 must be
coordinated with Procurement
• Contracts less than $5,000, use UM
consulting agreement on website
• Travel and accommodations costs can
be included in the contracts
– travel and accommodations should be
consistent with University travel
Consulting Agreements
• Cannot treat consultants as
employees, nor can a consultant
have been an employee during the
calendar year
• To avoid conflict with IRS rules
consult with Procurement before
giving the consultant a notice to
proceed when within delegated
Purchasing Office Furniture
Furniture Purchases
• Maryland Correctional
Enterprises (formerly State Use
Industries) must be evaluated for
all furniture purchases
• If Maryland Correctional
Enterprises (MCE) can satisfy
your requirements we must use
• Furniture showroom in Physical
Distribution with Representative
Minority and Disadvantaged
Business Enterprise
AND Small Business
Reserve Program
Minority Business
• Minority Business Enterprise
• State socioeconomic program to
support historically underutilized
• House Bill 306 - Maryland Law
sets goals
Certification for MBE
• To be counted, a firm must be
certified by Maryland Department
of Transportation
• Approx. 4000 firms certified
• Database available at
– link from Procurement’s web site
Minority Business
Participation Goal
• Goal is 25% of dollars to be spent
with MBE contractors or
• 10% sub-goal for women owned
businesses and 7% for African
American owned businesses
Review of Each
• Procurement and Supply will
review each procurement to
determine if MBEs are available
for solicitation
• Each Procurement over $100,000
should have MBE contract or
subcontract goal
Small Business Reserve
• It’s the Law! 10% of dollars spent
with Certified Small Businesses
• Designed to stimulate small
business growth and strengthen
the Maryland economy
• Requires delegated purchases
from SBEs to meet mandate
Small Business Reserve
• Certain solicitations will be
restricted to competition among
State-certified SBEs
• Look up certified SBEs at:
Review of Each
• Procurement and Supply will
review each procurement to
determine if SBEs are available
for solicitation
• Procurement Creates Master
Contracts with Small Businesses
(identified with SBE icon)
Chancellor and President
Support MBE and SBR
• UM and USM Board of Regents supports the
State’s efforts to increase business opportunities
for MBE’s and SBE’s
– Firms that have demonstrated time and again the
ability to provide excellent products and services
• Increasing the MBE participation to 25 percent
is a significant challenge.
• Mandate of SBE participation of 10% also a
• We also need the assistance and aggressive
effort of every unit on campus to achieve these
new MBE goals and SBE mandate.
How Can You Help?
• Check the master contracts listed on the
Department of Procurement and Supply
website at WWW.PURCHASE.UMD.EDU to
determine if the supplies or services you need
are available for order from an SBE. SBE
master contracts are flagged for that
purpose. Use the purchasing card or ELF
system to place the order.
• Search for SBE sources before placing a
procurement card order with any other
vendor. State-certified SBEs can be located
via the link on the Procurement and Supply
main web page, or via the program Website:
How Can You Help (con’t)
• You can then search by Commodities or
Services to find SBE's capable of meeting
your needs. We think that you will find
that the search tool is very user-friendly.
• Should you know of vendors who may be
qualified for SBE certification, please direct
them to the program website or ask them to
call Procurement and Supply at 301-4055813 for assistance. Online self-certification
takes only minutes to complete.
How Can We Help You?
• We can help you locate Small and
Minority Businesses
– All Procurement & Supply Staff
available to assist
– Victoria Leatherwood is our Small &
Minority Business Programs
Contract Administration
Contract Administration
• Delegated and Simplified
– contract administration may be no
more than verifying that the ordered
item was received on time, at the right
location and the price on the invoice is
equivalent to the price on the
purchase order, P-Card order, etc
• Complex Procurement
– contract administration is a
responsibility that is shared between
Procurement and Supply and the
Contract Administration
• Early and effective
communication between all
parties (including Procurement)
• Detailed documentation of
– Good or Bad!
Physical Distribution
Goods Received by the
• Review Delivery/Shipping Documents
• Inspect Shipment
• If count is incorrect or damage is apparent
– Record discrepancy on delivery document (short one
piece, etc.)
– Have delivery person sign acknowledgement of
statement with signature or initials
– Make a copy of the signed document for your records
– Sign document and accept delivery
– Contact Procurement for Assistance if necessary.
• If UPS or FedEx and shipment is damaged, record
discrepancy and refuse shipment
Shipping Goods from
Get a “Return Authorization”
Keep accurate records
FedEx and UPS Contracts
Contact Traffic Manager for
assistance (Doug Waterman)
Household Moves
• Procurement has contracts for
household moves
• Contact Doug Waterman, 301405-5852 for assistance
• Please allow approximately four
weeks for the bid process,
especially during peak season
(June, July and August)
Secure Storage
• Inside and Outside Storage
• Inside: Sensitive Items
• Outside: 31 Units @ 10’ x 20’ each
Disposal of Surplus
• Terrapin Trader is University’s
Surplus Property Operation
• Property Control
• Free Pick Up from Departments
• Items Sold through TT Showroom
and Bid Process
General Stores
• MRO Contract with MSC Industrial
• Office Supply Contracts and Computer
Peripherals Contracts
– Officemax A Boise Company
– Rudolph's Office & Computer Supply, Inc.
Contact: Paula Mandelman
Marty Newman
April Weimer
Tammy Yanulevich
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