EU Delegation to Albania: Contract agent FG IV

Delegation of the European Union to Albania
Job title
Project/Process Manager - Operations
Specific domain
Overall purpose
Under the authority of the Head of Cooperation, to liaise between DG Agriculture and Rural
Development, DG Enlargement, the EU Delegation and the respective authorities in the country on
preparations for and implementation of IPA agriculture and rural development assistance.
Functions and duties
POLICY ANALYSIS – Sector analysis, strategy formulation and programming
• Acquire and maintain in-depth knowledge of the relevant institutions and stakeholder
organisations in the field of agriculture and rural development, and their activities
• Support policy dialogue with the agricultural administration and stakeholders as well as all other
relevant ministries, agencies, and donors in all areas of concern
• Monitor the reform process in agriculture and rural development in the light of the EU acquis
• Follow-up implementation of the sector strategy and relevant parts of the Country Strategy paper
in the field of agriculture and rural development and ensure articulation between the relevant EU
policy priorities and programmes proposed for the various financial instruments
• Contribute to both public and private sector capacity building process for both policy formulation
and implementation
• Report regularly on the above to DG Agriculture and Rural Development; contribute to the policy
reporting to DG Enlargement on these issues, and to the Progress Report.
PROGRAM MANAGEMENT - Provision of guidance to the management and control system on
organizational and procedural aspects for implementation of IPARD
• Liaise closely with the relevant authorities in relation to the preparations for IPARD and
subsequently its implementation
• Provide on the spot advice on programme content and requirements for the management and
control system, acting as a rapid conduit of information and advice from the DG Agriculture and Rural
• Ensure coordination and synergies between IPARD, other IPA related actions, national agricultural
policy/strategy, capacity building activities and actions in this area financed by other donors
• Identify bottlenecks in preparatory and implementation processes, inform management of the
IPARD Operating Structure and DG Agriculture and Rural Development, and propose action if and
when appropriate
• Monitor implementation of the programme with the management of IPARD Operating Structure
and attending sectoral monitoring committee meetings, reviewing progress reports;
PROGRAM MANAGEMENT - Programme and project cycle management
• Contribute to programming of other pre-accession assistance in light of priorities identified in the
Country Strategy paper, in the field of agriculture and rural development
• Assist in managing other relevant programmes and projects in relation to agriculture and rural
development policy area
• Contribute to monitoring, audit and evaluation of projects, elaborate progress reports on projects
and propose action if and when needed
• Help ensuring coordination with other donors in the sector
• Contribute to programming, identification and appraisal in close cooperation with the beneficiary
institutions, DG Agriculture and Rural Development and DG Enlargement
• Participate in the procurement process (e.g., ex-ante evaluation and/or drafting terms of
reference, launching tenders, verification of contracts and payments, etc.)
• Contribute to information and public relations activities undertaken by the Delegation, including
publications and the website of the Delegation, drafting answers to requests for information, writing
draft press articles or draft press releases.
• Participate as a speaker in relevant conferences and/or seminars.
• Maintain good and effective contacts with NGOs and other local non-official actors at national and
local level, national non-governmental platforms, local operators in the field, national authorities and
institutions, representatives of the diplomatic missions of the Member States, representatives of the
international donors
• Prepare and assist on missions from Headquarters (DG Agriculture and Rural Development and
other as relevant), including high level visits and provide input into briefing for bilateral discussion.
Formal education which corresponds to completed university studies of at least three years’ duration
attested by a diploma, preferably in the area related to agriculture and rural development;
Professional experience pertinent to the duties to be carried out of a minimum of 5 years in
particular first-hand experience of Rural Development policy formulation and/or implementation.
Experience in management of EU external aid, or that of other international donors would be an
Audit experience and/or knowledge of the application of the internal control framework principles
would also be beneficial.
Working language: English
Deadline for applications: 25 April 2014
Please send your motivation letter and CV to the following address:
[email protected]
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