Reading Grades 3 – 8
TAKS Accommodated
A test administrator may provide the dyslexia
bundled accommodations to a student:
 Not receiving special education services who is
identified with dyslexia
 Receiving special education services who is
identified with dyslexia or has documentation in
the IEP that indicates that the student exhibits the
characteristics of dyslexia, causing him or her to
lack word-identification skills and/or have difficulty
reading words in isolation
Read the Directions
Test instructions specific to the administration
of reading tests with the dyslexia bundled
accommodations and the applicable proper
nouns list will be provided to the test
administrator and must be followed exactly
as written.
Test Form
must be used for both the student
and the test administrator
Three Bundled Accommodations
1. Orally reading all proper nouns
associated with each passage (from the
state-supplied proper-nouns list)
before students begin individual
2. Orally reading all test questions and
answer choices to students
3. Extending the testing time over a twoday period
Proper Nouns List
The proper nouns lists will be provided to test
administrators along with the secure
materials on the first day of testing.
Each test administrator and each student must
have a copy of the proper nouns list.
The test directions will specifically state when
to read the words on the list.
Orally Reading All Test
Questions and Answer Choices
The test administrator will read the questions
and answer choices as directed in the test
Each word, phrase, and/or sentence in the test
questions, graphics , cluster stimulus, and
answer choices may be read as many times as
the student requests before moving to the
next question. Administrators should not go
back to previous questions.
Orally Reading All Test
Questions and Answer Choices
Test questions and answer choices must NOT
be rephrased or clarified
Voice inflection must be kept neutral
Nonverbal assistance may not be provided to
Extending the Time Over a
Two Day Period
Test administrators must STOP at the place
designated in the dyslexia bundle instructions
to end the first day of testing.
On day two, the administrator will be begin at
the place designated in the instructions and
must not go back to any passages or
questions from day one.
Test Administration Quick
 Must be administered individually or in a
small group
 Test administrator must follow the directions
found in the test instructions specific to the
administration with the dyslexia bundled
 A copy of the dyslexia proper-nouns list
(specific to grade level) must be provided for
each student and test administrator
Test Administration Quick
There are separate instructions and proper-nouns lists for
the TAKS and TAKS Accommodated tests.
If a student is taking TAKS, the test administrator must
ensure that the test is administered using a TAKS
booklet, TAKS instructions, and a TAKS proper-nouns
list. If taking a TAKS Accommodated test, all testing
materials must be specific to that test version.
After Testing
When the student finishes testing on Day 2, the
test administrator must indicate that the
student received the dyslexia bundled
accommodations during the test
administration by filling in the “DB” bubble in
the Accommodations (for all programs) field
on the scorable document
No discussion of test administration or scoring
of test items is allowed at any time.
Test Security
All security measures outlined in the TAKS
manuals must be followed
Test administrators must be aware that they are
viewing secure content and that responding
to test items, recording the information they
see, or discussing the content of the test at
any time is prohibited.
Reading Test Schedule for
Dyslexia Bundled Accommodations
 Grades 3 and 4: April 27-28
 Grade 5: April 5-6
 Grades 6 and 7: April 27-28
 Grade 8: April 5-6
 Retest Grades 5 and 8: May 18-19

Dyslexia Bundled Accommodations