Station 20 West Powerpoint Presentation

Station 20 West
Community Enterprise Centre
Station 20 West will be located in
Saskatoon’s core
An area in need of:
• Healthcare
• Housing
• Employment
• Access to food
Core Neighbourhoods
Average Family Incomes (2006)
Average Income
$ / year
% with income under
$ 15,000 / year
City of Saskatoon
65, 487
Core neighborhoods
35, 003
Caswell Hill
41, 454
King George
36, 805
Pleasant Hill
25, 776
29, 441
34, 654
Taken from: City of Saskatoon Neighborhood Profile Statistics (2006), City Planning Branch
Housing Quality
Average Value of Dwelling (2006)
City of Saskatoon
Caswell Hill
$ 117,984
King George
$ 98,167
Pleasant Hill
$ 86,167
$ 121,082
$ 104,982
Station 20 West will transform what was
contaminated land into a community space
Won’t this be an improvement?
Economic Revitalization
Station 20 West will strengthen the local economy by
•Employing 80+ people
•Investing up to $20 million
•Keeping income in the local
•Being a significant stimulus of business
in the area
•Demonstrating that the area has viable
investment opportunities
•Providing services and amenities that
are necessary for the revitalization of the
Social Impacts
Station 20 West will enhanced the quality of life in the community through
• Increased food security
•Improved nutrition and long
term health
•Collaboration, networking,
community building
•Sharing of resources in an
atmosphere of learning
•An environment of
friendliness, respect, and
responsiveness to customer needs
•Turning vacant, contaminated
land into a safe, attractive
community meeting place.
Environmental Impacts
•Reclamation of vacant,
contaminated land.
•Green Building design
(gold LEEDS)
•Urban Agriculture
through community gardens
and rooftop gardens
•Promotion of locally
produced goods and services
Station 20 West will be a
community partnership
CHEP Good Food Inc.
Is about good food for everyone
•The CHEP good food box provides healthy, affordable, local (when
possible) food
•Volunteers from every part of Saskatoon help assemble the good
food boxes
•CHEP’s community gardens allow individuals and families to grow
their own food
•CHEP’s senior’s stores help to provide food security for seniors
Good Food Junction Co-op
A for-profit neighbourhood grocery store in Station 20 West
The Saskatoon Health Region
A key issue for the Saskatoon Health Region is addressing Health
Disparities related to poverty
Compared to the average person in
Saskatoon, people living in the city’s
poorest neighborhoods are:
•300% more likely to attempt suicide
•400% more likely to have diabetes
•800% more likely to have Hepatitis
•130% more likely to have coronary
heart disease
Quint Development Corporation
Quint provides Social and Economic Revitalization through
• Improved housing
• Job Creation
• Small Business
• Opportunity for skills
development in
Westside Community Clinic
Westside has been providing health services to Saskatoon’s core
neighbourhoods for 33 years. It is is a trusted member of the
community, engaging neighbourhood residents with a wide variety
of programs and services.
University of Saskatchewan
Station 20 West will provide outreach opportunities for the
University Of Saskatchewan to participate in the community
beyond campus
College of Medicine
Student Wellness Initiative Toward
Community Health
SWITCH provides interdisciplinary health care to the core
neighbourhoods and allows students to learn while contributing to the
College of Dentistry
Station 20 West will provide affordable dental care to
the community
“The (Core Neighborhood) Community’s Children have the
poorest oral health status in the city”
- Dr. Gerry Uswack, Acting Dean, College of Dentistry
Station 20 West will provide access
to Healthy Food
Station 20 West will provide access
to services in the community where
people live
Station 20 West brings a strong
message of hope to the community
Station 20 West tells residents
Concept animation of the building by
AODBT Architecture and Interior Design