Unforgettable Moments
Sharing personal and amusing stories is one
way people connect with each other.
The ability to share stories is an important
component in developing and maintaining
Telling stories about unforgettable moments is
sure to make others laugh, wince or sigh in
relief and is a good spring board for
strengthen connections with each others.
Unforgettable Moments
•Role shift is one of several narratives for you to develop
essential skills needed to tell a story successfully.
•Role shift is an essential tool used in telling anecdotes,
stories, or even jokes.
•Role shift allows you to tell what happened in a vivid
way, and allows you the rich opportunity to describe the
person’s thought, behavior or reaction simultaneously.
•Additionally you will learn to maintain spatial agreement
between the location of people; sequence classifiers;
time reactions to coincide with the action and to elaborate
on a story by giving descriptions, sharing, thoughts and
giving reasons.
Unforgettable Moments
Basic Role Shift Sequence
1. Tell where you and the other person
2. Tell what the person is doing.
3. (Transition) Tell how the liquid is
passed between the people.
4. Describe the result and the person’s
Unforgettable Moments
Exercise: Oops
Follow the Basic Role Shift Sequence
to develop the situations. For each
situation, decide the other person’s
position and distance from you and
visualize the action sequence and the
reactions before, during, and after the
situation occurs.
As you’re holding an infant, he throws up on you.
A bird flying above make a deposit on your head.
Someone throw a cup of water on you.
A dog urinate on your shoe.
You are eating a grapefruit. You stick the spoon in
and out comes a squirt of grapefruit juice into another
persons’ eye.
Unforgettable Moments
Exercise: Tripping and Falling
1. Describe kind of barrier/surface.
2. (Transition) Describe the fall (CL:V +
3. Describe the result of the fall and/or
comment on the incident.
Unforgettable Moments
Exercise: Tripping and Falling
Examples of barriers or surfaces people
often trip over, slip on or bump into.
On the ground
Low objects
Objects above head
Slick surfaces
Unforgettable Moments
Exercise: How Did It Happens?
Break-out in groups with 3 – 4 students
Follow the narrative sequence in your
handout and practice signing each
For each incident, visualize the action
sequence and consider the reactions
before, during, and after the incident.
Final Review – Unforgettable Moments
Prepare to tell the stories by doing the following:
- organize the information in the story by visualizing the
setting, location of the people and the sequence of
- act out the story with your group to help you develop a
fully elaborated story
- analyze the grammar elements needed, concentrating
on the part of the story that is in bold face
- elaborate on the story with descriptions, explanations,
thoughts and reactions
- add an introduction and conclusion to your story

Narrating Unforgettable Moments