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The Catholic Agency for International Aid and Development
Full quote from John 10:10. Jesus: ‘I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full.’
This year’s Project Compassion stories
are about our need for a full and
beautiful life within the surroundings
of a safe and secure home and
Every day, Caritas Australia is working
towards this creation of a more just
and fair world.
Six countries. Six people.
Six communities.
Better living conditions in their slum and a program to
empower young leaders means Maristely and her
community are now proud of where they live.
“Men and women of all times
and all places desire a full
and beautiful life.”
Pope Francis
South Sudan
During the civil war Deng, who is blind, and his
family fled their village. They are rebuilding their
lives with the help of a food security program.
“I express my hope that […]
the people of Sudan and
South Sudan [may]
experience at last a period of
peace, freedom and
Pope Benedict XVI
Archie and his family are now happier and healthier
since moving away from their vulnerable position
near a river into a safe and permanent house.
"A home represents the most
precious human wealth,
[where people] live together
and who, together, help one
another to grow..."
Pope Francis
Solomon Islands
Martina teaches children songs about how to stay
safe during natural disasters such as cyclones and
“Because we are all really
responsible for all.”
Pope John Paul II
Receiving treatment far from home is hard on
Lorraine as she misses her country. A bush balm
program is helping her reconnect with her culture.
“I was a stranger and
you welcomed me.”
Matthew 25:35
Sri Lanka
Having moved constantly during the civil war,
Nirangini and her son are re-establishing their lives
in a permanent home back in her childhood village.
“We mean to save human
lives, to restore dignity to
persons, to offer hope.”
Pope Francis
When you support Project
Compassion, Caritas Australia uses
the money to help communities in
more than 30 countries.
By demonstrating a hope held firm in
LOVE, we find courage to take ACTION
and bring HOPE to others.
The Glory of God is a human
...fully alive.
Saint Irenaeus
Join us in Project Compassion:
Let’s work together to end poverty,
promote justice and uphold dignity.
Lord, We pray that, in knowing your love, we will find
courage to take action and bring hope to others;
We thank you for the Caritas Australia partners
around the world who are helping men, women and
children who are the most vulnerable to poverty and
injustice, to have a full and beautiful life.
We ask that, through our support, many more would
be able to have a life that grows to its fullness.
We make this prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Picture credits
Erin Johnson
South Sudan:
Isabella Gomes
Raphael Meting
Solomon Islands:
Richard Wainwright
Simon Hewson
Sri Lanka:
Viyan Fernando
The Catholic Agency for International Aid and Development