Embedding careers education within our geography teaching

Embedding careers
education within our
geography teaching
Kate Amis
[email protected]
Why do it?
A: Outcomes: how well are pupils doing, taking account of any variation?
The extent to which pupils develop their
knowledge and understanding of the world
of work and develop skills and personal
qualities which will serve them well in
education, training, employment and their
future lives
► The extent to which pupils understand their
future options and develop aspirations
and understand how to achieve them
2. Making it real
is not just
something we learn about , it is
something that people do
3. The value of planning and target
► Dreams
► Using
are just unmade plans ??
ladders to plan backwards from a
recognised goal, through a series of
planned targets to an end result.
Making plans
Looking at my future from here
Your Career as a
My career choice
My university or training
Course choices 16+
Work experience choices
Course choices 14+
Here and now choices
Three stages to robust progression
► Research
► Planning
► Target
Improve quality and
quantity of options cohort at
GCSE and A Level
► Understanding
‘What you can do with it ‘is
the most important factor in why young
people take (or don’t take ) geography
beyond 14+
How to do it
Get an ambassador in !
► Careers clips at start of new topic
► Career cards and Careers brochures
► Going places events
► Role play activity & Hot air balloons
► Company brochures
► Online job pages
► University courses and research projects
► Venn diagrams
► Geography team names
► Skills auditing
is no such thing as a geography job –
there are jobs that geographers do’
► ‘There
Skills audit for geographers
► Academic
► Literate
► Numerate social scientists
► Synthesisers
► Extended writers
► Field researchers
► Analytical
► Proactive
► Hands on
Sources of information
► The
ambassadors section of Geography Teaching
► Study geography section of the RGS website
brochures and DVD, Michael Palin letter
and loan of careers displays @ no charge direct
from RGS education dept
► Careers pull out from geographical magazine
September of each year
► New GA careers resources
► Uni geog dept web sections on employability
► Prospects careers site