Global Trends 2025

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Global Trends 2025: A Transformed
Western economic recovery gathers momentum
Continued economic emergence in parts of Asia; Middle East and
Latin America leading to regional economic equilibrium
Open global society
True globalisation a reality
Education – a new generation
of learners and labour
Technology at the centre of
advancements in education;
environmental protection
and energy change
World energy and environmental
policies effect permanent
Economic Equilibrium: 2015-2025
Emerging economies
get stronger
The emerging economies
of Asia and in parts the
Middle East and Latin
America take advantage
of poor economic
decision making and
subsequent long term
recessionary effects on
Western developed
Closer economic
equilibrium with the
Slow western economic
Slow recovery in US; UK
& PIGS following a short
lived double dip recession
in 2011. Confidence
returns in 2015 following
robust economic policy
making leading to
sustainable economic
growth into 2025.
Globalisation in the next decade
Open global society
Prosperity embraces most
regions into 2015. Trading
Blocks e.g. EU; SE Asia exist
and become fully integrated into
a robust global economy.
Positive globalisation a reality
Free flow of goods; labour;
technology and finance. Treaties
exist to encourage cross-border
trade and PPP. Multinationals
prosper, flexible and freely flowing
labour forces leads to widespread
national integration into the global
Environment, Energy and Technology
2015 - Climate change and environmental
protection are key global concerns.
2015 - The price of Oil and Gas continues to rise.
Energy efficiency becomes the global priority.
2025 - The 20 year energy timetable aims to
correct the damage done.
2020 - Global Government policy aimed at funding
alternative and sustainable energy sources, which
society as a whole embraces.
Governments; leading corporate powerhouses
and global environmental groups have
committed time and resources to addressing
the problem.
OPEC and Western oil producers under pressure
to invest all resources into replacing Oil and Gas –
A global 20 year timetable is agreed. The Middle
East is worried!
Globally the environment is king!
2025 - Alternative sources of energy are becoming
common place.
2015 - Technological advancements have been greatly benefited from increasing globalisation and
subsequent global knowledge sharing.
2025 - Environmental and social technologies are enhancing quality of life more than ever
before, with everyone reaping the benefit.
Trends shaping the future of Higher
The evolution of the education model – a new generation of learners and labour
• Students as digital natives. Internet, digital media and portable communication technologies
common place in teaching – core differentiator in attracting students and corporations
• Online courses offering widespread distance learning opportunities.
• Corporate-academic partnerships are common place leading to tailored, multidisciplinary
• Highly competitive global labour market - joint academic/vocational education. Job-readiness
in high demand.
• Academic multinationals – global campuses
• Smaller countries and universities are becoming industrial
centres of excellence.
The Global Management Education
Landscape: Shaping the Future of
Business Schools
• Integration of Economies
• Demographics
• Information and Communication Technology
• Global Sourcing of Services
• Social Responsibility, Governance, and
Five Global Challenges in
Management Education
• 1. Growth
• 2. Balancing Global Aspirations and Local Needs
• 3. Quality Assurance
• 4. Sustaining Scholarship
• 5. Aligning with the Future Needs of
Emerald Working in Partnership
with Libraries
Consultation with libraries to keep abreast of their
strategic development and priorities
• Investment in increased physical support
• Aligned to Open Source Technology
• Determine prioritization for multilingual
Emerald Working in Partnership
with the end users
Consultation with our end users to make sure we
are publishing in the right areas – faculties,
students, researchers
• New Generation of Learners
• We encourage global scholarship through
partnerships and research awards with CLADEA
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– 9 hours = 3 hours of class time + 6 hours of preparation and grading
• 2. For new preparations, the teacher should double the out-of-class
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