Almighty God

Almighty God
(Tito C Cayamanda)
Unto God be the glory
You, Lord are all that I desire
Set my heart on fire
You are all that I live for
Nothing will my heart want for more
It’s You that I adore
Almighty God
I sing to praise You with all my heart
I raise my voice to thank You for Your love
**I proclaim that You’re my only God
That for me, Your life, You gave it up**
Bless my life forever
Fill me with Your love
Almighty God
Almighty God
God of all of the heavens
Be in this world or elsewhere, too
Faithful and true
Lord and God of the livin
Blessing and honor is due
Be unto You
(Go to Bridge after refrain then play ½ note higher singing
** twice before proceeding to