Supplier Engagement Event presentation

Helen Coombes
Director – Adult’s Wellbeing
Important Info
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Commissioning and Procurement Strategy
•Commission the services under one procurement broken down into different
lots for service areas
•Could be 1 or a group of suppliers and can bid for as many lots as you wish
•Contract for each lot
•The contract(s) will complement the personalisation agenda it is expected
that a greater number of service users will take Person Budgets and apply
their own choice and control to meet their care needs.
•Procurement to commence in November
Commissioning Principles
• Broadly looking at framework approaches
• User and Carer experience and involvement
• Proportionate tendering exercises and qualification criteria dependent on
• Safeguarding and Quality
• Outcome based with a strong focus on enablement
• Supplier Diversity and Support Local Economy where we can
• Promote Choice and Control – range of access for Personal Budgets
• Encourage partnerships and joint ventures to maximise benefits of volume
linked price reductions and capability of market
• Flexible contracting
Day Opportunities delivered previously by
Wye Valley NHS Trust
Laura Ferguson and Sean Ladd
The Facts
• Number of service users on books = 255
• Ave number of service users per day = 140
• Ave number of people with complex needs = 57
• Number of people in enablement service = 198
Building Based Services
• Ryefield Grammar School Close Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire HR9
7QD Office Tel No: 01989 768273
• Marshfields Ryelands Road Leominster Herefordshire HR6 8NZ
Office Tel No: 01568 614772
• Canal Road Canal Road Hereford HR1 2EA Office Tel No: 01432
• Widemarsh Widemarsh Workshop Units 26 / 27 Foley Trading
Estate Hereford HR1 2SF Office Tel No: 01432 354259
• St Owen's St Owen's @ the Hub Symonds Street Hereford HR1
2HA Office Tel No: 01432 355005
The services as they are now…..
Social Businesses
There are a range of social business projects around the county.
These are focussed on developing new skills and qualifications
which improve confidence and assist the pathway into a paid job.
Music Box
Gov gift store
The Music Box
Governors Gift Shop
Widemarsh Childrens Centre
Ryefields –Community gardening
Widemarsh Gardens
Workshop Activity
• Pews
• Leo Trading
• Widemarsh Enterprise
• Kindling
Pew Renovation ( Take A Pew )
Leominster Trading
Willow Café
Café 13
Catering Worx
Willow Cafe
Café 13
Health and Wellbeing
Our health and wellbeing opportunities aim to enable individuals to
stay happy, healthy and safe in their community. The benefits are:
Increased self confidence and self belief
Increased community involvement
Increased fitness and mobility
Increased independence
Increased social networks
Increased health!
For Example….
Older persons service
Health and WellBeing
Community and Volunteering
We support a number of volunteering opportunities to
enable people to contribute to their communities and
increase social networks.
These can be both individual volunteering opportunities
( sometime supported) as well as group volunteering.
We aim to work alongside other volunteers and for
people to access their own communities where
For Example….
Community Larder
Vocational Learning
Red Cross
Accredited courses
Alupro/textile recycling
Leisure Link
Charity shops
Churchyard maintenance
Community and Volunteering
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