Why STEM? - Department for Employment and Learning

Pilot Programme
Michelle Fulton BELB
STEM CEIAG Joint ELB Action Plan
DE (£340K) approved plan to:
 address ELB Resource Allocation Plan Targets
 1.9 Promote the uptake of STEM subjects
 3.1 Provide a CPD Programme for STEM teachers
draw on the work of the CEIAG STEM pilot project
address areas for development identified from pilot
 Continue Teacher Placements for STEM Subject
 Provide STEM focused industrial visits
Teacher Placements
Approx. 60 Teachers each year (£1400 Bursary)
Opportunity to:
 develop greater awareness of how STEM subject
applied in business/industrial context
 source materials for the development of teaching
 identify STEM career pathways linked to their
 forge links with local employers to support STEM
CEIAG activities within their school
Teacher Placement
“It was a good experience and I found it useful in
providing me with up-to-date information on STEM
career pathways. Placements also provided an
opportunity to strengthen industry links and support
school based activities promoting IT as a career.”
(Deborah Fitzsimmons, Antrim Grammar)
“Gaining an opportunity to work in industry was
invaluable and the resources I have been able to acquire
will help in the delivery of my subject. This has been an
excellent opportunity for me to enhance my knowledge
of my subject”
(Paul McCrory, Cedar Lodge School)
Area Learning Community Projects
ALCs bid for funding. Examples of projects are:
 “STEM Matters”
 Industry ‘speed networking’ events in Belfast and
Dungannon (Collaboration with local FE College)
Staff INSET to update teachers on:
 NI Government Agenda for STEM
 relevant Labour Market Intelligence
 vocational STEM pathways
Industrial visits focusing on STEM growth areas:
 Agri-food
 Renewables
Area Learning Community Projects
“The impact on staff in terms of STEM CEIAG
awareness was very positive…..Teachers are now
appraised of NI Labour Market Information and have
access to high quality up-to-date resources and to STEM
ambassadors to improve their understanding of career
pathways from STEM Subjects
(Ballyclare Area Learning Community)
“Staff have reported a very positive response but feel
that the real benefits will be seen next year when
resources are built into schemes of work”
(Armagh Learning Community)
Area Learning Community Projects
. Parental projects being undertaken this year:
 Development of ALC websites
 Production of local STEM Careers DVD
 Enhanced Option Evenings for pupils at Key
Transition Points:
 Interactive STEM workshops to up skill parents in
terms of STEM progression routes and current/future
labour market trends in Northern Ireland
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