FBU Structure, Benefits and Service`s Power point

The Fire Brigades Union
Surrey FBU
Session Aims
Refresh Knowledge of FBU National And
Regional Structures
 Outline Standard Branch Organisation
 Improve Knowledge of Membership Benefits
 Improve Understanding of Branch
Administration (Form Filling Etc)
The Branch
The Fire Brigades Union
(any workplace with FBU members)
Branch Officials
Brigade Committee
Brigade Sectional Sub-Committees
Brigade Officials and an Official from
each Branch or Section
Retained, Officers, Control
B&EMM, Women, G&L
(Via Divisional Committees where
Regional Committee
Regional Sectional Sub-Committees
Regional Officials / EC member and an
official from each Brigade & Section
Retained, Officers, Control
B&EMM, Women, G&L
National Sections
Retained, Officers, Control
Executive Council
B&EMM, Women, G&L
One EC member for every
Region and Section
Head Office
President, General Secretary, AGS, National Officers
Branch Structure
Branch Secretary
H&S Rep
Branch Chair
Union Learning Rep
Delegate to Committee
Branch Members
Benefits of FBU Membership
• Negotiate Pay, Conditions & Working
Practices (nationally and locally)
• Represent you in Discipline & Grievance
• Promote your Health, Safety & Welfare
• Represent you in Medical Appeals
• Represent you in Pension Appeals
• Lead campaigns to promote and defend
your life-saving service
Additional Benefits
FBU Accident & Injury Fund
Free Access to Legal Services
Life-long Learning opportunities
Accident & Injury Fund
An FBU Fund Exclusively for FBU Members
Independent of, and in addition to, employer
sickness and pension provisions
Detailed provisions and definitions to cover
illness, injury, disease, loss of sight, loss of
limb and death
Accident & Injury Fund
(AIF - Rule 30)
If an AIF member is injured and off sick as a result they may be
entitled to benefits under Rule 30.
Lump sum payments are also made to nominees in cases of
death and permanent disablement to member or dependants.
(Death means any cause of death)
In the past few years the FBU, has paid out over £600k annually
to FBU Members
Accident & Injury Fund- what is covered?
Temporary disablement- on or off duty
Permanent disablement- (total loss of sight in
one eye, permanent loss of the use of one or
more limbs)
Death benefit
Death of a dependent
Accident and Injury Fund- Rates
Temporary disablement = £163 per week
 Permanent disablement = £14,099
 Death of a member’s dependant = £5,570 lump
 Death of a member payment is lump sum of
100% W/T FF’s annual salary = £28,199 +
£5,639 per dependant child.
Accident and Injury Fund - Definitions
Injury- Any physical injury resulting in
Illness- Any illness or disease contracted as a
direct consequence of fire service duties
AIF How much does it cost?
The Accident and Injury Fund
it is financed by members contributions
Covered in the FBU Rule book Rule 30
contributions 76p per week
£3.29 a month
Basic AIF fund Rules
Death benefit claims must be made within 12 months
Disablement claims from date of injury –
24 months on duty, 18 months off duty (No exceptions)
Off-duty injury paid out after 6 month pre-qualifying period
On-duty injury paid out after 12 month qualifying period
52 week maximum benefit period for temp. disablement
Rule 30 para 7(d)- reduction in benefit for subsequent
claims within one year
Legal Services - Thompsons
The Fire Brigades Union offers its members the best
possible legal protection in their work and lives through
its unique partnership with Thompson's – the UK’s
largest and longest established firm of specialist
personal injury and trade union lawyers.
The firm has offices in major cities throughout the UK.
Thompsons Legal Service
Free pursuit of personal injury claims – for FBU
members and their family (on or off duty)
 Holiday injury cover
 Clinical Negligence Service
 Free Will Service
 Free legal advice - (outside your employment i.e.
neighbour disputes, debt claims, defective goods,
matrimonial disputes etc
 Free legal advice arising from your employment –
(contact your FBU Brigade Official first)
How do I access the legal advice?
Legal Aid Network (LAN): 0808 100 6061
 Via the website www.fbu.org.uk
 Written application forms - available online,
from FBU Brigade Official or the FBU office
Other Phone Numbers
Criminal Helpline: 0800 587 7530
to be used should a member be arrested and taken to
a police station for interview under caution
Free Will Service: 01752 770077
for a free will pack from Thompsons Solicitors
FBU Confidential Helpline: 0800 783 4778
Free phone helpline for all members at any time
FBU and TUC Training and educational courses
for Officials and Members
Life-long Learning for all Members and Officials
FBU Lifelong Learning
Government sponsored initiative to promote
learning and skills at work
 Only Available through Trade Unions
 Wide range of skills and courses
 FBU have trained workplace Learning Reps
 Languages, IT skills, Skills for life etc.
Important Forms
Membership Application Form
 Change of Details Form
 Variation of Nomination Form
 Accident and Injury Fund Forms (3 types)
 Legal Assistance Forms (3 types)
 Out of Trade Membership Application
 Will Questionnaire (FREE Will Service)
National Website www.fbu.org.uk
Confirm Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate Knowledge of;
 National and Regional Union Structures
 Branch Organisation
 Branch Admin
And finally
 Membership Benefits and how to access them
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