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If you are interested in the training programme,
• Discuss with your IMH Medical Social Worker
• Sign Up at MSW Office at Clinic B, GBMC, CWC
•Email the completed registration form to Ms Rashida Begum,
Medical Social Worker at [email protected] or fax to
•Call us at 63892059 for more details
You are not alone…
Let us walk with you.
Caregivers Training Programme
An Education Program by the
Medical Social Work Dept.
Date : 12th November 2011 (Saturday)
Time : 9am to 5pm
Venue : Emerald Room, MSW Department, IMH
Free of charge
Caregivers Training Programme
For caregivers of patients with Schizophrenia
“Not everything that is faced can be changed.
But nothing can be changed until it is faced”
Caring for someone with schizophrenia is
often challenging for families and friends.
Caregivers are concerned about their
loved one but are often frustrated, angry,
and fearful as they attempt to manage the
care of the person’s illness.
Research has shown that when caregivers
schizophrenia and find support, they are
able to help their loved one improve
treatment results and cope better.
0845 – 0915
(Breakfast Provided)
This caregivers training
programme provides you an
opportunity to learn about:
0915 – 1130
“Unraveling the myths of Schizophrenia”-
•Causes, symptoms and
treatment options for
1130 – 1140
•Share and hear from others
on common issues, concerns
and challenges faced by
•Ways you can help your
loved ones in their recovery
By Dr. Manu Lal, Consultant, IMH
1140 – 1230
•Community support and
Tea breaks and lunch are provided. Printed materials will be issued.
Limited vacancies. Please register early.
“Unlocking the Silence in Communication”
By Ms Michelle Shantini, Medical Social Worker, IMH
1230- 1330
LUNCH (provided)
1330 - 1445
Learning Together in Groups: Bridging the Gaps
By Ms Chan Lay Lin, Ms Cheryl Lim, Ms Michelle Shantini
& Ms Lee Liang Yi; Medical Social Workers, IMH
1445 - 1545
Helping my loved ones and ME as a caregiver
By Ms Rashida Begum, Medical Social Worker, IMH
•Effective communication
skills with your loved ones
•Caregivers fatigue and self
care in your care giving
1545 – 1600
1600 – 1700
Learning Together in Groups: Empowering ME as a
By Ms Chan Lay Lin, Ms Cheryl Lim, Ms Michelle Shantini
& Ms Lee Liang Yi; Medical Social Workers, IMH
1700 -1715
Debrief & End of Programme

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