Employability Project

The UQ Advantage framework
UQ employability project - a new employability framework that
helps students understand how to make the most out of extracurricular learning opportunities and link them to employability
The degree is not enough! Your UQ Abroad experience is a
fantastic opportunity for you to develop your individual
employability and provide you with rich examples for addressing
job selection criteria.
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What you need to do
• Look out for more information on the community Blackboard
site (will be live in the new year)
• Document your reflections on your experiences during your
semester/year abroad, making sure that you think about what
you have learnt from your time away
• Attend the seminar after you have returned home where you’ll
receive assistance with understanding how your UQ Abroad
experience has helped develop your employability
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The benefits for you
• The chance to be part of UQ’s employability project which will
inform the development of the eventual institutional
employability strategy
• The opportunity to make the most out of your UQ Abroad
experience and enhance your employability
• Guidance and resources on writing a cover letter and
addressing selection criteria using your UQ Abroad experience
to show a prospective employer what you can offer
CRICOS Provider No 00025B
Further information
Please feel free to email us:
• Andrea Reid ([email protected])
• Anna Richards ([email protected])
CRICOS Provider No 00025B
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