A.S.Popov Memorial Museum of St.Petersburg State

A.S.Popov – Scientist, Teacher, Inventor Of
Radio in his memorial museum
(To The 150 Annivesary From The Birth)
Dr. Larissa I. Zolotinkina
A.S.Popov' Memorial museum,
Electrotechnical University “LETI”
St.Petersburg Russia
Alexander Stepanovich Popov
(1859 – 1906)
The Electrotechnical Institute, Sp.Petersburg, 1903
The Memorial museum of A.S.Popov, SPb ETU “LETI”,
museum- laboratory, (Opened 25 /06/ 1948 )
The plan of the Popov museum –
In drawind- room V.I. Matvienko and
The Milestone
V.I. Matvienko, S.B.Ivanov and
L/I/Zolotinkina in Stady of Memorial
An account of the meeting on 7 May 1895 to the Physical
Section of the RussianPhysical and Chemical Society in
St.Petersburg University
Title page of Physical-Chemical Society Journal, № N1, 1896 г.
The circuit diagram of the wireless apparatus in the
article by A.S.Popov “Apparatus for the Drtrction and
Recording of Electrical Oscillations”, December, 1895
The coherer receiver of A.S.Popov, 1895
The lightning recoder (30/07/1895)
(The model)
The transmitting – reseiving apparatus of A.S.Popov, 1896
Letters of engineer E.Ducretet (1898 – 1905)
From the letter (1898)
The coherer receiver (Ducretet, 1904)
Telephone receiver “Popov – Ducretet” (1900)
The Diploma and Emblem of Honour Elecirical
Diploma and Golden medal of
Internationale Exhibition, 1900, Paris
Pearents (abrove),
A.S. Popov and R.A.Popva (1890)
A.S.Popov’s family (1905)
In (1903 – 1905)
The brench of Joint Stock Company Simens and Halske,