Is your team ready

Is your team ready?
Linked Learning Certification Visit
Is your team ready for a Linked
Learning Pathway Quality Review?
Knowing your Team
Knowing Linked Learning
Collaborating with your
Consulting your support
ReminderCertification is a checkpoint not the goal
• Marathon of
preparing all students
for college and career
• Continuous
Improvement using
40 criteria
• Process should
invigorate, inspire
and challenge your
Knowing Your Team
Work based learning
Common Beliefs
about Teaching and
Key Questions: Projects
Are projects a nice extra or a part of your culture?
Are projects guided by agreed upon student
outcomes and your theme?
Are technical and academic skills developed through
the projects?
Would business partners see the authenticity in the
projects students complete?
Would your students speak to the value of the
Key Questions: WBL
Is WBL an extra or is it a vehicle for reaching your
desired outcomes for students ?
Do you have an active advisory board that is seeking
out WBL experiences for all students in your
Is there an intentional sequence to the WBL
experiences for students?
Can students speak to the value of the WBL
experiences they are having?
Key Questions:
Does your team take mutual responsibility for helping
struggling students ?
Do you use student data to identify individual student
Would students and parents report a high level of
individualized support?
Common Beliefs
Does you team operate with
a common set of high
expectations for students?
Does your team generally
agree about the best
approaches to teaching and
Are common processes
evident in your team?
Knowing Linked Learning
Four foundations of
Linked Learning
Linked Learning Value
40 Criteria and rubric
Collecting Evidence
Documenting your work allows you to build on it.
Most evidence should be artifacts, natural byproducts of your work.
Some evidence is created to organize, summarize,
or provide clarity for "others."
How good is good enough? ( future presentation )
Collaborating with your
Team Self-Assessment
Make sure team members
know what a certification
visit entails
Align tasks to individual
skills on you teamDistribute Leadership
Consulting your support
SLC Coordinator
District Pathway Coach
Key Points
Is your team ready to schedule a
Pathway Quality Review?
Knowledge of your team and of Linked Learning are
equally important in making a decision.
Certification is a checkpoint, not the goal.
Decision should be done with your team and other
"Not ready" does not
mean "not good"
Having some of the elements is good for kids and is
better than not having any of the elements.
Continuous improvement process implies building,
aggregating, learning, and growing while staying
focused on your outcomes for students over a period
of years.
A mock review done within the district may provide
important feedback.
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