Relationship Essay

Relationship Essay
Sample Introduction
of story
Thesis: Title,
and traits
The famous philosopher Ovid once said that “We can learn, even
from our enemies.”
In fact, it is often one’s enemies that force a person to overcome
a difficult challenge. Sometimes, only because a person faces an
enemy does he/she realize his/her fullest potential. For
example, if Harry Potter had never been challenged by Lord
Voledemort, Potter would have never realized how talented of a
wizard he really is.
This stimulating aspect of a relationship between enemies is what
makes their relationship important. Likewise, in the short story, “The
Most Dangerous Game,” the characters Rainsford and Zaroff are
good enemies for each other, since they each push the other to
perfect their hunting skills. In “The Most Dangerous Game,”
Rainsford, a well-known hunter, is put to the test by Zaroff, a man of
more years of experience than Rainsford. After telling Rainsford that
he will be the quarry, Zaroff arms Rainsford with only a knife as a
weapon, and gives him three days in the jungle to fend off his
attacks. Rainsford’s intellect, shrewdness, and composure are tested
through their three-day battle of wits. In the end, Zaroff’s challenge
is lost as Rainsford outwits his opponent and wins the battle.
Through the short story “The Most Dangerous Game,” Richard
Connell illustrates that a healthy enemy relationship is both
challenging and equally matched.
Relationship Essay
Sample Body Paragraph
Topic Sentence: Trait,
relationship type, and
Supporting detail #1:
and quote
Explanation of
supporting detail
Being equally matched is important to a healthy enemy
relationship because each person can then improve his/herself
through the relationship.
In “The Most Dangerous Game,” Rainsford is well-known to
Zaroff because he had read Rainsford’s books about hunting.
Clearly, Rainsford is a high-quality hunter, and Zaroff
undoubtedly matches Rainsford’s skill level. In fact, Zaroff tells
Rainsford that, “no animal has a chance with [him] anymore…
instinct is no match for reason” (Connell 48).
Since Zaroff has killed even the most difficult animals to hunt,
he is obviously also a superior hunter. Since both Rainsford
and Zaroff are at an equivalent skill level, they can learn from
one another and figure out new ways to use the techniques
they already know.
For example, Rainsford begins to impress Zaroff with his skills,
especially when he creates a specific type of trap.
detail #2:
Explanation of
supporting detail
detail #3: Quote
Zaroff calls to Rainsford and tell him that “not many men know
how to create a Malay man-catcher… You are proving interesting
Mr. Rainsford… I shall be back” (Connell 55).
Zaroff had clearly not been faced with that particular type of
obstacle in quite some time, but because Rainsford is a
healthy enemy for Zaroff, he is helping Zaroff review and
strengthen his trap-seeking skills.
Likewise, Zaroff’s skill level helps Rainsford remember his own
power, like when Rainsford knew that Zaroff and Ivan would
shortly find him within the jungle weeds. Rainsford
remembers “a native trick he had learned in Uganda” (Connell
56) and is actually able to kill Ivan.
Explanation of
supporting detail
Without the equal match-up between Rainsford and Zaroff,
Rainsford would probably never have used this native
hunting technique, so the test he was given by Zaroff
actually helped improve his own skills.
Clincher: trait,
Without a doubt, it is imperative for a healthy enemy
relationship to have equally matched people.
Relationship Essay
Sample Conclusion
Restate thesis
using different
Through the healthy enemy relationship in “The Most Dangerous
Game,” Richard Connell portrays that enemies should be both equally
matched and challenging.
of body
Because Rainsford and Zaroff were both hunters at equal skill levels,
when they met each other on the hunting grounds, they were forced
to remember and use techniques. Zaroff needed to remember how to
find traps that lesser-skilled hunters would not have been able to set
for him, and Rainsford needed to use his wits to remember tricks that
he learned from natives in order to keep Zaroff and his hunting party
at bay.
Summary of
paragraph two
discussion of
Hook to intro
Furthermore, each competitor needed the other to challenge each
other to reach new levels. Rainsford needed Zaroff to challenge his ideas
regarding the emotions that a quarry feels while being hunted, since
prior to meeting his enemy, Rainsford felt little compassion for his own
prey. On the other hand, Zaroff needed Rainsford to teach him modesty
and morals. Zaroff needed to learn that just because he was bored, he
could not harm other people.
Just like Harry Potter and Lord Voledemort, Rainsford and Zaroff were good
enemies for one another. They certainly did help one another face new
challenges and pushed each other to overcome them.
The famous philosopher Ovid was right: Rainsford learned a lot
from his enemy.
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