Leiningen vs the Ants

“Leiningen vs the Ants”
Plantation Map Assignment
As you read, you were asked to collect/highlight
specific details about the setting from the
story. These details included major features of
the plantation such as the river the two moats
and the ranch houses. Distances between
these features and their location relative to
North and each other was also described.
• Using the details you collected, draw a map of
Leiningen’s plantation. You must include the
1. A title for the map
2. A scale
3. A compass rose
4. All major features of the plantation
5. Color
6. A legend or key for any symbols you use
• Your map will be evaluated using the following
• 1. Completeness (Are all major features present? Have
you included all required map elements?)
2. Accuracy (Are features in a reasonable location
based on description in the text, and are
they the correct distance from each other?)
• 3. Neatness (Have you created something that is
interesting/pleasing to look at? Is
everything in ink and colored?)