Name that Region!!!!

Name that Region!!!!
1. Which part of the brainstem
would you miss if you were in a
dust storm and could not sneeze?
2.Your parents claim that your raging
hormones are out of control. Which
part of the brain can you blame your
raging hormones on?
3. If you damaged this region of the
brain the regulation of motor
messages would be affected.
4.Lindsey Lohan fell off of the sobriety
wagon and is once again a drunk
mess. TMZ reporters saw her
stumbling from bar to bar on the LA
strip. Which region of her brain is
5. My 35th birthday is just around the
corner and I am having a hard time
getting to sleep (I keep having
nightmares of waking up with grey
hair). I feel like my body’s
biological clock is out of whack and
the lack of sleep is killing me!
Which region of my brain is
6. Mike Tyson has knocked out several
boxers during his career. When
someone is knocked out he/she loses
consciousness. Which region of the
brain is affected when someone is
knocked out?
7. Your appetite is out of control and
you can not stop eating! Which
region of your brain is affected?
8. If this region of your body is
damaged you may become a
paraplegic or a quadriplegic. Which
area of the body am I referring to?
9. Which region of the brain
allows both hemispheres of the
brain to communicate?
10.Which part of the brain
includes the midbrain, pons
and medulla oblongata?
11.Your friend claims that her daily
patterns are in disarray and thinks
that something could be wrong.
Which region of her brain could be
12.The frontal lobe, occipital
lobe, temporal lobe and the
parietal lobe are part of which
region of the brain?
Answer Key
2.Pituitary Gland
5.Pineal Gland
8.Spinal Cord
10.Brain Stem