Hamlet Quiz Show

By William Shakespeare
Name the character
that matches the
I died behind the curtains of the Queen’s
I told Ophelia to go to a nunnery.
I disturbed the watch of Elsinore Guards.
I was Hamlet’s closest friend and
We agreed to spy on Hamlet even though
we were his friends.
I was the woman Hamlet referred to when
he said, “Frailty, thy name is woman.”
I will read the choices and
your team will respond either
A,B,C, or D
Choose the BEST answer.
In Hamlet, the rising action begins with
Hamlet has to test Claudius’ guilt because
Hamlet establishes the King’s guilt by
means of
Laertes asks his father and Claudius for
permission to
Before Hamlet sees the ghost, he is
depressed because his mother
Which of the following is something
Hamlet learns from the ghost for the first
Fortinbras is
Ophelia was driven mad in part by
Hamlet believes women are
The ghost tells Hamlet
Hamlet wants Horatio to
The gravediggers suggest the idea that
On the test you will be required to write a
detailed paragraph with complete
sentences and at least three clearly
explained examples or reasons.
What are three effects of the murder of
Be sure to STUDY FOR THE TEST! Bring a #2
pencil and pen, please.