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 The protagonist in
this story is none
other then
Livingston Seagull.
 He is faced with
the challenge to
obtain infinite
 The antagonist of this story isn’t really a single individual
character, but a group of many.
 The group is the flock of birds that made Jonathan an outcast
when he refused to live a simple life of just “getting by”.
 My favorite character is Jonathan.
 He is my favorite character because he made me want to live
my life better while striving for perfection with what I am
passionate about.
 I didn’t like Jonathan’s parents because they didn’t
support him in his quest to perfect his flying.
 They told him he was foolish for wasting his time learning
new flying skills because birds use flying as a way to get
food and to live, not for joy.
 They should’ve let him follow his dreams.
 Jonathan is a Seagull living on the planet earth, but he is very confused. A
seagulls existence consists of eating and sleeping, that’s it. Jonathan is a free
thinker who spends his time learning new flying moves and pushing his ability
as far as he can.
 All the seagulls in his flock make him an outcast. Everyone
turns their back on him because he doesn’t blindly follow
the crowd.
 Jonathan accepts his mutiny and flies off into the distance
into the afterlife.
 When Jonathan gets sent to the next life he is welcomed
by other forward thinking seagulls who discovered the joy
of flight in the previous life.
 He then trains with the elder seagull Chiang who teaches
Jonathan how to travel at the speed of thought
 After learning that our bodies are an illusion, Jonathan
visits his first lifetime to see if he can teach the naïve
seagulls the meaning of life.
 He then gets several followers that he teaches for many
many years.
Falling Action
 Jonathan teaches about love and forgiveness
 "Do you want to fly so much that you will forgive the
Flock, and learn, and go back to them one day and work to
help them know?" Jonathan asks his first student, Fletcher
Lynd Seagull, before getting into any further talks. The
idea that the stronger can reach more by leaving the
weaker friends behind seems totally rejected. Hence, love,
deserved respect, and forgiveness all seem to be equally
important to the freedom from the pressure to obey the
rules just because they are commonly accepted
 There are several ways this book can be interpreted…
 Christian themes: Jonathan is like Jesus trying to get his flock
so they can “follow in his teachings”.
 Transcendence: Jonathan leaves this life and progresses to
the next
 Passion: My favorite part of this book is how Jonathan was
told by his peers to give up on what he loves to be like
everyone else. But he doesn’t, he follows his dreams despite
what the nay-sayers say. Do what you love to do no matter
what, and follow your dreams. That is what this book is
Should I read this book??
 Yes, read it right now. I really love this book because it
changed my life at a point when I was confused. Everyone
should read this book. If you are faced with the challenge
to either sell out or be yourself, read this book. If you are
pissed that your parents are making you go on a mission,
read this book. If your father is concerned you became an
artist rather then a doctor, read this book. People from all
walks of life should read it. 10 out of 10
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