Server 2012


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Noteworthy New Features 

Server Management

Manage multiple servers


Deploy roles and features

Consult a single tool

Noteworthy New Features 


 Failover  Load Balancing  All or Few Scopes

Noteworthy New Features 

Force refresh

Noteworthy New Features 

Resilient File System

 More robust than NTFS  CHKDSK is now much faster  Automatic data deduplication  The fileserver component

Noteworthy New Features 


  The third release of Hyper-V You don't need a SAN  WS2012 also virtualizes storage and networking  The new storage pool system  Microsoft now recommends that all servers run virtualized – even Domain Controllers  VDI and Terminal Server functionality are both much improved

Features Removed or Deprecated in WS12      

SQL Server

 Versions of Microsoft SQL Server prior to 7.0 are no longer supported.

Server Message Block (SMB)

 SMB.sys has been removed. Replaced with Winsock Kernel (WSK)

Database management systems

 ODBC support for 16- and 32-bit applications and drivers is deprecated.


 will be replaced by failover cluster powershell cmdlets.

Token Rings

 support is removed

Planning for WS12  Active Directory can be upgraded or migrated  File and Storage can be upgraded, but DFS must be reinstalled  Remote Desktop Services cannot be migrated  Web Server (IIS) No functionality has been removed or changed. Web apps that work in IIS 7 will word in IIS 8

Installation Options for WS12  Core  PowerShell  RSAT  Smallest install footprint

Installation Options for WS12  Minimal Server Interface  Removal of Graphical Shell  IE10, Explorer, Desktop and Start screen are removed  MMC Server Manager and a subset of the Control panel remain.

Installation Options for WS12  GUI  All standard Server components  Microsoft Store available  rchive/2012/07/18/windows-server 2012-installation-options.aspx

Evaluating Versions and Upgrade Options for WS12  Foundation  15 user account limit  No virtualization rights  32 GB max  1 Physical CPU  Limited AD functionality (migrations)  No upgrade path 

Evaluating Versions and Upgrade Options for WS12  Essentials  Replacement of Small Business Server  25 user account limit  No virtualization rights  Some cloud connectivity  Only Migration not upgrades from old versions  Available for Eval 

Evaluating Versions and Upgrade Options for WS12  Standard  Full server functionality  2 virtual instances  Available for Eval

Evaluating Versions and Upgrade Options for WS12  Datacenter  Replaces both Enterprise and Datacenter of 08  Full Server functionality  Unlimited Virtual instances  Available for Eval

Common Management Tasks and navigation in WS12  Live Demo