Global Sustainability
CPU 2014, Keynote the 10th of July
Kirsten Paaby, the Ideas Bank and EuCDN
Sustainable Development?!
”The Third Chock”
• Not flat
• Not in the
• Just one
Sustainable Development:
«…..seeking to meet the needs of the present without
compromising those of future generations – demands a better
balance between the ecological, the social and the economical
considerations.» Our Common Future – The Brundtland Commision
Three «friendships»:
The nature
The grandchildren
The poor people of the
Biofuel – eco-friendly, but sustainable?
Biofuel – renewable energy
Tremendous increase in the prices of
corn, demonstrations in Mexico.
Social Considerations?
Growing population.
Sustainable use of topsoil?
Balancing the
considerations with the
ecological and social
The future generations
Checklist for sustainable development
Traditional economical consideration must
be supplemented with:
1. The future generation perspective
2. Ecological consideration
3. Social consideration
4. Broad participation
Three ways of working hand in hand:
1. Practical action, practical skills
2. Develop new knowledge/theory
3. Ethical choices, our values
The UN Decade promotes
• Cross disciplinay and holistic
• Valuesbased learning
• Critical thinking instead of
”by heart”
• Different methods for
• Broad public participation
• Local relevant information
Target groups:
• Students and pupils
• The entire society
• Lifelong learning
(Forberedelser til veggkunsten på Sagene – foto Bydel Sagene)
Foto: Namsdal avis
The Ideas Bank Model: Best practices - new dialogues - futurepictures
Criteria The Ideas Bank best practices:
Supposed to:
• Promote sustainable development
• Working with the trible bottom line: The ecological, the economical and the social
• Into action, been done
• Innovative
• Surprising
• Demonstrating partnership (between local authoroities, the civil society and the local
private sector)
• Cross disciplines and sectors
• Focusing on the learning and the strengthening of the competance for action
Links for more inspiration to act
The Transition Towns network
Enabling Cities
The Economy of Happiness
Local Futures and the film LOCALIZATION:
The YES! Magazine
The Slowfood movement
The InContext – Supportive environments for sustainable living
Sustainable Cities Platform
Reginal Centres of Expertice for Education for Sustainable Development