A major Japanese Property & Casualty insurer
FNOL call center transformation - CCS FNOL SI
Start: July, 2008
End : Dec, 2009
Client Profile
This client is a major Property & Casualty (P&C) insurer in the Japanese
market, specifically focusing on auto insurance, The client has net written
premiums as a non-consolidated base , of over ¥1,000 billion (US$10
billion) for 2008.
How Accenture Helped
Following a visit to a European High Performance Insurer, arranged by
Accenture, the client engaged Accenture to define their new contact centre
model and associated business processes. Accenture then implemented the
Claim Components in a one year systems integration project.
Business Challenge
While the client is recognized as one of the Japanese major P&C insurers,
they faced the following issues:
• Market shrinkage and a tough competitive environment led to
decreases in the net written premiums, year after year.
• Their “combined ratio” had been nearly 100% for several years.
• Their claim handling process was not uniform—there was no
centralized claim handling call center, duplicate claim handlers existed
and the scope of the service delivered depended on the day and time
that the customer called. As a result, the client Japan ranked poorly
among the major insurers in a customer satisfaction survey.
Accenture delivered the FNOL module, integrating the client’s legacy systems
to facilitate the seamless handling of the subsequent business processes.
Accenture brought resources both global and local, combining expertise in
delivering the Claim Components with a deep knowledge of the Japanese
P&C market. As a result, the Centralized FNOL Call Center went live on-time
and on-budget.
To resolve these issues, the client Japan launched a New Retail Market
Business Model Reform Project (PT-R), promoted under the catchphrase
“Reform Business Model” taking a customer-oriented approach to aim at
higher quality claims services to increase their customer’s satisfaction. As
part of the project, a “Centralized First Notice of Loss (FNOL) Call Center”
needed to be set up. The new FNOL Call Center covered not only FNOL,
but also arranged services (taxi, repair etc…) depending on the customer’s
requirements. In addition, simple claims (including payment) could be
closed in the call center. The new FNOL Call Center is the first step of the
client Japan’s larger Loss Service Transformation. According to
Accenture’s Claim Survey, the more people involved and the more time
spent on a claim, the lower the level of customer satisfaction. Accenture
suggests that simple claims have to be handled centrally in order to
maximize customer satisfaction.
The client chose to work with Accenture—its extensive experience in the
P&C market, its flexibility in the assignment of skilled personnel and its
it the
ideal partner for this important
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High Performance Delivered
The client successfully launched their new 24 hours-per-day/365 days-peryear Centralized FNOL Call Center with 1,000 operators, with about 300 onthe-desk at any one time, making it the largest such center in the Japanese
P&C market.
As a result of its collaboration with Accenture, the client now has:
• the ability to serve its customers on a 24 hour / 365 day basis
• a smooth and efficient FNOL process, leveraging the Claim Component’s
key technology, “Dynamic Questioning”
• the ability to indicate on the call, whether the claim will be covered or not,
based on the customer’s policy
• the ability to make emergency arrangements for its customers (e.g. taxis,
towing, etc) during the call
• more efficient use of its claim-handling resources, with the ability to close
simple claims, including payment, inside the Call Center
• a centralized, countrywide Loss Service centre for dealing with more
complex claims
• decreased agent training costs, leveraging a user friendly user- interface.
The client’s claim handling operations are now more efficient and they are
able to provide their customers with better service, putting the insurer on the
path the high performance.