Poster (SIGMOD`12 Plenary Session)

Ranking Tweets Considering Trust and Relevance
Srijith Ravikumar, Raju Balakrishnan, Subbarao Kambhampati
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We Model the Tweet ecosystem as a tri-layer graph.
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(Oops?!) Britney Spears is
In entertainment: Britney
Engaged... Again! - its britney: Spears engaged to marry her
longtime boyfriend and former
agent Jason Trawick.
RT @GMA: Britney Spears
Engaged Again
#Britney #Spears #engaged to
#boyfriend: #report: LOS
ANGELES (Reuters) -
Britney Spears engaged:"
Congratulations to Britney
Spears and her beau Jason
Trawick for getting engaged
via a 3.5 carat ring! …..
Top-k Relevance Comparison
How do we rank tweets considering
trustworthiness and relevance?
Surface web uses hyperlink analysis
between the pages.
Twitter consider retweets as “links”
between the tweets for ranking.
Retweets are sparse, and often planted or
passively retweeted.
Build Implicit links
between the tweets
containing the same fact, and
analyze the link-structure.
Agreement-edge weights between
the tweets are computed using the
Soft TF-IDF with Jaro-Winkler
Ranking-score is equal to sum of
the edge weights.
Top-k Trust Comparison