Dream job - Challenge:Future

My Dream Job
Challenge:Future Competition 2013
VG from Vietnam
1. Thuc Anh Nguyen(Leader)
2. Tuan Anh Ngo
3. Viet Ha Bui
Dream job
Market research director – Company specialized in soft
skill training and work force study.
• It would be a market research director who has time studying about
the labor market in 2022: its trend and need for improvement.
• My company will be found to mainly to increase the quality of work
force in developing countries through training and campaigning.
• As a market research director, my daily task would be tracking
progress and organizing projects to study about the current
situations in target regions for example workforce study about
Bangladesh through. I would also participate in the projects while
managing the work of the team.
• Doing this job, I could get involved in the real world problems,
conduct study about work force and gain real life experience.
• I love working with people and exploring other culture and
lifestyles. This job is perfect for me to fulfill my wish.
Daily task
• My working place is very flexible, as the team will focus
complete projects focused on the labor of developing
countries and provide training also.
– Examples of tasks would be interviewing people or
analyzing the market.
– I can work in office, or at home. Sometimes I will travel
in the rural, urban or oversea to get insider
understanding about the need of people.
• Technology in 2022 would be booming with high-tech
machines like 3D phone. Information can be transferred
unlimitedly fast.
– The company meetings and work submitting can be done
from anywhere in the world.
– Internal communication in company will be highly
interactive. Staff would use intranet to communicate with
others in the companies. It reduces time and effort to
maintain company’s productivity.
Future companies
• The future companies would be mainly based in building a strong
company website. Its main objective is to motivate people chasing
their dream jobs and provide online and offline training like
internship. Everyone is encouraged to use company network to
communicate and talk, complete their job.
• Companies would be a comfortable place.
– It reduces maximum working stress. It’s where people can
easily interact with others. It makes them feel like being at
home with entertainment, comfortable working environment.
– Thanks to the advance of technology, Junior staff can learn,
talk, and share their thinking and updates of my company
without being limited by their ranking. Ideas are shared.
– It would boost the efficiency of the company.
Talent attraction
• Reward:
– Provide cafeteria benefits for my employees to select: Housing support,
gift, travelling, pension.
• Recognition and further attraction:
– Reward is made by all companies. Outstanding companies should focus
on recognition their employers for the work.
– Further attraction like providing education, training, exchange, etc.
Dominant sector
Service sector would be the leading sector in 2022.
- Living standard is getting higher. People demand for more
services: entertainment and finance, health.
- People can work at anywhere they want.
Dream Education
The way in which knowledge should be taken up:
-People need to be guided and motivated to find their dream jobs early in college
stage through career orientation programs with real experience attached. After
choosing a right destination, they would start chasing it along the appropriate
-Worldwide education in 2022 would overall be launched in English.
-Besides specialized modules, people would be asked to take part in physical aspect
like sport, dance, kung fu, etc.
-Result of certificate would be estimated by a haft of knowledge testing and haft of
achievement during gap year or internship as well.
Ethic: Social responsibility like environment and human
beings protecting would become the most important
part of future education.
People would be guided to apply their knowledge of
every aspect which has been learnt into job, which
would finally aim to protect society.
Technology should be effectively applied to education progress as
- Learning through games and music app
- E-learning would be widely launched and utilized.
- Tablet, smartphone and Microsoft functions would be fluently used
for data managing and sharing.
The more intensively technology is enhanced, the more necessarily
social communication is focused.
- Group working and presentation skills would be improved.
- People would be asked to catch the right way of dressing, eating
and communicating.
- Student would have at least 6
month of internship before
- High school student aged 15
above would start working part
time and participating in social
- Internship would be flexible
and carried out even outside
their hometown in order to get
more worldwide views.
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