Part 2 Analysis

Kenneth and Monisha
Charlie’s voice
Charlie’s New Tone
Charlie’s attitude and emotion of his writing is vibrant and exciting. His
writing is more confident and stronger though he still has a ways to go.
Ex. ”Dr. Strauss showed me how to keep the TV turned low so now I can
sleep. I don’t hear a thing.”
When I read this I read this as if he is content and enthusiastic.
Charlie’s Expression (Diction)
Charlie is using a more complex vocabulary. He talks about the new things
he is learning and about how well he is progress. He also mentions the new
technology he is being introduced to ( television he received from Dr.
Ex. “( Punctuation, is; fun ! )”
Ex. ( I just looked up the word in the dictionary Dr. Strauss gave me. The
word is subconscious. Adj. of the nature of mental operations yet not
present in consciousness; as subconscious conflict of desires. )
Charlie’s grammar is progressing astoundingly. His punctuation and spelling
have come a long ways.
Ex. “ I beat Algernon!”
People in Charlie’s Life
Charlie has a fair amount of people in his life who care for him. He finds
comfort when he’s around certain ones, others, he is learning that he prefers
to stay away from. He also notices the motives for which people speak of
Ms. Kinnian: His Teacher & Mentor
Ms. Kinnian is the one who had recommended him for the operation. He is
comfortable when he’s around her. He feels that she supports him and
believes in him. She makes him feel excited about learning new things, such
as when she teaches him to use a comma. The “period with a tail”. He looks
up to her as a smart person and he considers her a “gen’ius”. (genius)
Drs. Nemur and Strauss: His Doctors
Drs. Nemur and Strauss are the doctors that perform the operation on him.
He before feels like Strauss is on his side, and Nemur isn’t. This changes by
him thinking that both of them now believe in him. He is still confused about
how he’s supposed to learn in his sleep from a tv though.
Charlie’s Co-Workers
Charlie’s co-workers have always made fun of him. Every time they said “you
pulled a Charlie”, he felt that everybody liked him. This changes when he
notices that they’re making fun of him and he expresses that he feels
Charlie finally notices how his “friends” actually feel about him. He’s
ashamed to ever have believed that they were his friends, or that they even
liked him. He feels more confident towards the operation and feels
supported by both doctors, something that before he thought was untrue.
He stills sleeps with his tv on and now understands the state of mind he’s in
while sleeping that lets him learn while sleeping. He knows his in a
subconscious state of mind. He now uses a dictionary and looks up the words
he does not know how to spell. Also, he beat Algernon for the first time in
one of the tests.
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