Out Of My Mind
By : Erica and Emme
The setting is in Ohio. Melody and her family
live in a house together. Melody is a girl who
go’s to a normal school and she has some
friends that respect her.
Rising action
One of the Rising actions was when Penny
Melody’s little 2 year old sister got ran over by
her mom and Melody tried to tell her mom
not to back out because she would run over
Penny which she did.
The Climax is when Melody gets her Medi-talker.
This is the climax because Melody has
experienced her whole life without saying one
word! The medi-talker is really useful to
Melody because it talks for her. But it is not
the same from talking without a computer.
Falling action
The falling action is when everything is going
good again like Penny is okay and Melody gets
over her team leaving her. Melody feels
happy when her Mom and Dad tell her that
Penny doesn’t have any brain damage or
anything else that could effect her in anyway.
The Resolution is when the whole whiz kids
team apologizes to Melody and they tell her
the truth too because Melody wanted to know
the truth.