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Tuesday 2 December
Cultural tour and warm up
• Museo del Novecento - Piazza del Duomo
• Museo Nazionale della Scienza e Tecnologia
“Leonardo da Vinci” - Via S. Vittore 21, Milano
10.00 Meet at Museo del Novecento entrance
Wednesday 3 December
Department of Studies in Language Mediation and
Intercultural Communication - Aula Magna
9.30 Official opening
10.30 Keynote lecture
Lawrence Grossberg
(University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
"Making culture political, again"
12.00 Workshop I - Cultural Studies:
General theory
Chair: Itala Vivan
• Roberto Pedretti (University of Milan)
"Intellectuals, where are you?"
• Sebastian Berg (University of Bochum)
"Against 'populism': Cultural Studies,
power, and the post-political"
• Claudia Gualtieri (University of Milan)
"Teaching as cultural practice: Pedagogy
and the life of Cultural Studies"
• Eike Kronshage (Chemnitz University)
"Crisis of the Humanities. The first 150
13.30 - 14.30 Lunch break
14.30 Workshop III – The post-industrial city
Chair: Cecile Sandten
• Alexander Bergmann (Bauhaus-University
Weimar) "Chemnitz: Quality of life in a
city of declining populations and
constrained budgets. Can civil society
actors make the difference?"
• Roberta Garruccio (University of Milan)
"Rust never sleeps: A historical
perspective on deindustrialization"
• Henriette Dausend (Chemnitz University)
"Street Art as a mirror of crisis? A look
behind the scenes"
• Annika Bauer (Chemnitz University)
"Metropolitan subversion: Appropriating
English urban signifiers in Aravind Adiga's
The White Tiger"
16.00 - 16.30 Coffee break
16.30 Workshop I - Cultural Studies:
General theory
Chair: Lidia De Michelis
• Itala Vivan (University of Milan) "The
cultural museum as a generator of
narrations in our modernity"
• Gianpiero Piretto (University of Milan)
"Museums of everyday life between
nostalgia and derision: European gazes
upon the socialist past"
• Mandy Beck (Chemnitz University)
Reading culture through affect: Sarah
Hall's How to paint a dead man (2009)
• Roberta Sassatelli (University of Milan)
"Commoditization, consumption and
work: Profane creativity and the circuit
of the commodity"
19.00 Meet at conference venue
Thursday 4 December
9.30 Keynote lecture
Sandro Mezzadra (University of Bologna)
"A historical-geographical materialism?
Staging a dialogue between Marx and
11.00 Workshop II - Crisis and risk societies in
Europe: Culture of precariousness,
migration and globalisation
Chair: Roberto Pedretti
• Lidia de Michelis (University of Milan)
"Challenging dominant discourses of
risk and crisis: Verbatim drama and the
2011 British riots"
• Federico Tomasello (University of Bologna)
"Collective violence in contemporary
metropolis: A political reading"
• Sara Pahor (University of Padua)
"Regional violence and global risk in the
literary futures of London"
12.30 – 13.30 Lunch break
13.30 Workshop II - Crisis and risk societies in
Europe: Culture of precariousness,
migration and globalisation
Chair: Claudia Gualtieri
• Annalisa Oboe (University of Padua)
"Risking in/hospitality in the European
South: New Italian representations"
• Jana Beinhorn (Chemnitz University)
"Human rights, hospitality and European
border control"
• Taiwo Oloruntoba-Oju (Universities of
Ilorin and Chemnitz), "Towards a
transcultural Africa-Europe
• Andrei Ionescu (University of Padua)
"Crisis of rationale or a different kind of
utility? The role of Humanities in
contemporary democracies"
15.00 Annalisa Oboe introduces:
Va’ pensiero. Storie ambulanti, directed by
Dagmawi Yimer, Italy, 2013, 56’.
• Presentation of "Archivio delle memorie
migranti" by Dagmawi Yimer
• Readings by Mohamed Ba
• Readings by Pap Khouma
17.00 - 17.30 Coffee break
17.30 Round table and closing
Chair: Kathy-Ann Tan (University of
Friday 5 December
Cultural tour of Sesto San Giovanni and Villaggio
di Crespi d'Adda, Capriate (BG)
9.30 Meet at conference venue.
Polo di Mediazione Interculturale e
Piazza I. Montanelli 14
Sesto San Giovanni, Milano
Metro: Sesto Marelli, red line n. 1
Scientific committee: Claudia
Roberto Pedretti, Cecile Sandten.
Organising committee: Claudia Gualtieri,
Roberto Pedretti, Cecile Sandten, Tobias
Staff: Marta Baraldi, Sara Cesario, Federica
Culicchia, Marta D’Angelo, Giulia Dassi,
Mariachiara Deleo, Elena Fiorino, Alessandra
Giadone, Carola Grandi, Sara Milaneschi,
Giusy Musarò, Federica Palamara, Greta
Portaluppi, Rossella Sgambaro, Giulia Vasari,
Eliana Zanetti, Serena Zaniolo.
Cultural Studies Workshop
Crisis, Risks and New
Regionalisms in Europe
Credits for leaflet design: Daniel Wagner
(Chemnitz University) and Roberta Riva
Funded by the DAAD - The Federal Foreign
Office of Germany
Gefördert vom DAAD aus Mitteln des
Auswärtigen Amtes (AA)
and by the Department of Studies in Language
Mediation and Intercultural Communication of
the University of Milan
2 – 5 December 2014
Polo Universitario Sesto S. Giovanni
Piazza I. Montanelli, 14