United States at War!!!

United States at War!!!
Mobilizing for Defense
 Remember Pearl Harbor became a rally
cry for the US
 Tons of eager young Americans stormed
recruiting offices
 5 million volunteered for service however it
would not be enough for a two front war
Mobilizing for Defense
 Selective Service System which expanded
draft would eventually provide another 10
million soldiers
 8 weeks of basic training
 Consisted of how to stand at attention,
march, handle a rifle and follow orders
Expanding the Military
 Army Chief of Staff General George Marshall
pushed for a Woman's Auxiliary Army Corps
 Women could serve in noncombat positions
 Some in Congress opposed it however it
became law on May 15,1942
 Worked as nurses, ambulance drivers, radio
operators etc (anything not involving combat)
 African Americans, Native Americans,
Mexican Americans and Asian Americans
all suffered
 Racially segregated neighborhoods and
denial of basic rights
 “Why fight for democracy somewhere else
when you do not have it here”
 300,000 Mexican Americans joined the armed
About 1 million African American soldiers though
most would not see a lot of combat till end of war
13,000 Chinese volunteered or about 1 in every
5 adults
33,000 Japanese volunteered
25,000 Native Americans volunteered including
800 women… some said if all volunteered like
the Indians we would not need draft
Production Time
 Switch from consumer goods to war goods
 Last car rolled off line in Feb 1942
 Factories turned to all our war machines
War Production
 1944 18 Million working in war factories
more then three times in 1941
 6 million of the new workers were women
 African Americans still suffered
discrimination and if hired were put in
lower jobs
Philip Randolph
 Called on march to Washington to end
 President was shocked about number of
people he would bring
 Knew he could not feed them all
 FDR issued a order to call on equaility
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