Point of View Student Power point

Prior Knowledge
Point of View
◦ The perspective on events of the narrator or
a character in a story.
◦ The act of telling a story.
Prior Knowledge
What is a pronoun?
◦ A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun.
◦ Examples:
Linda is an excellent ice skater. (No pronoun is used.)
She is an excellent skater. (The pronoun “she” replaces “Linda”.)
The artists arrived at the gallery. They displayed their work.
We went to Roy’s for dinner. It is our favorite restaurant.
What is First Person Point of View?
First Person Point of View/Narration
◦ The narrator is a character in the story.
◦ He/she can only reveal personal thoughts and
feelings, what he/she sees, and what is told by
other characters.
◦ Pronouns: I, me, mine, my, we, us, our,
◦ Example: I know that I should be happy right
now, but our job is still not done.
Concept Development
Concept Development
Third Person Point of View/Narration
◦ The narrator is someone outside the story
who describes the thoughts and feelings of
the characters.
◦ Pronouns: she, her, hers, he, him, his,
it, its, they, them, their, theirs
◦ Example: She turned to her friend and
told him their plan.