William T. Sherman
A great union general!
By: Cory J. and Dallas K.
The Younger Years
• Born in Lancaster Ohio, on February 8, 1820
• He was named after a Native-American leader
who allied himself with the British in the war of
• One visitor to there home asked why his father
named him after an enemy of the USA.
• The answer was simple “ Tecumseh was a great
• His nickname was Chump.
His surroundings
• William’s father, Charles Sherman, was a lawyer, a
judge, a tax collector, and elected for Ohio Supreme
• His town had a jail, a courthouse, a gunsmith, and a
maker of spinning wheels.
• He lived in a two-story house.
• He had two brothers, and three sisters.
• They had neighbors. They were the Ewing’s
• They played games like: Skating on Neibling’s pond,
hunting rabbits, raising watermelons, caring for chickens,
and making running and jumping games.
His New Life
• William’s father died when he was ten.
• When his father died his mother could not
support their family so they had to get rid
of some of the kids.
• The Ewing’s took William as there own.
The Teen Years
• Chump got his first job when he was fourteen.
• Chump wasn’t very interested in West Point he
never thought of becoming a soldier.
• Chump didn’t like guns, except his rifles to hunt
rabbits and squirrels.
• Chump signed up for an eight year term at West
Point. Four years as a student, and four years in
Military Service.
• Chump left for West Point at the age of sixteen
in May, 1836.
Chumps war life
• Chump had a great war life.
• Chump was considered brutal in war.
• Chump once said, “War is cruelty, and you
can not refine it.”
• Chump fought in the Battle of Shiloh.
• Chump was also in the Mexican war.
• In the civil war Chump was for the North.
His Older Life, and Death
Sherman was a “ Union General.”
William was best known for the “ March to Sea.”
He promised to make the Georgia howl.
Tecumseh was a large part in the Anaconda Plan.
The Confederacy hated him with passion.
He was a big failure in civilian life.
Sherman was a hero in the north.
People wanted him to run for president.
His men were to make “ neckties” out of railroad tracks.
He died of pneumonia at the age of 71.
• Dallas Rene’ Knight
• Corey Bernard’ Jones
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