By: Julia Alvarez
Ally Goeman
Hannah Vanderstelt
Lindsey Carlson
About the Author
1.) Julia was born in New
York City but was raised in
the Dominican Republic
until the age of ten.
2.) Julia’s family tried to
overpower the dictator of the
Dominican Republic, but was
3.) She was first known as a poet
but now is appreciated for her
great novels.
Historical Background
• This text was written in 1999.
• It was written because it showed how her
and her family struggled to adapt in
• In the 1960’s the cold war continued and
became more distraught. Also, John F.
Kennedy was elected as the President of
the United States of America.
“I Want to be Miss America” is about Julia Alvarez
who is one of four sisters that just moved to America
from the Dominican Republic. She goes on to tell her
story of watching Miss American on television and
wishes she could be just like on of the contestants
on the show. Along with her sisters, she decided to
dress and look like the contestants to fit in at school.
But later on in the story she realizes that her foreign
characteristics are what made her unique and
The main idea of the story is that you should be
happy with the way you are and shouldn’t try to be
like anyone else.
•In our groups opinion this text is
important to American history because it
expresses our country’s freedoms allowing
you to be whoever you desire. Julia’s text
was also vital because around this time
many people didn’t accept certain ethnics.
Literary Devices
• Personification: “They stood, fifty puzzle
pieces forming the pretty face of America.”
• Simile: “…the queen came down the
runway in her long gown with a sash like
an old world general’s belt of ammunition.”
• Onomatopoeia: “…we were one step
closer to that runway, those flashing
cameras, those oohs and ahhs from the