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Université d’Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse

How Culture can help young people get trough the crisis

Avignon, Provence

• About 100 000 inhabitants


• Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA

• Easily accessible city, in the heart of Europe

2 hours 40 mn from Paris,

30 mn from Marseille,

50 mn from Lyon,by high-speed train (TGV)

45 mn from the Mediterranean,

2 hours from skiing resorts in the Alps

4 hours from Spain and Italy by car

• Mediterranean climate (300 days of sunshine/year)

The City of the Popes, a city of culture and heritage

The Popes Palace


Cultural cross road, Avignon attracted numerous artists and artisans who would showcase their talents in many delightful ways (paintings, architecture, sculptures...)

Avignon City of Culture

Since the arrival of the popes and their court during the 14th century, the city has always been an important artistic center.

In 1947 with the creation of the Theatre Festival by Jean Vilar, it also became one of the world’s greatest theatrical meeting places. It is also the largest theatre festival creation in the world.

European City of Culture in 2000, Avignon is alive with its cultural opera, permanent theaters, associations, clubs offer live music, theater and dance throughout the year.


A city of culture and heritage

• Contemporary dance festival in


European Capital of Culture in 2000

• Internationally famous theatre festival in July

• Numerous theatres, cinemas and cultural events year-round



The Bridge of Saint-Bénézet

Built in the 12th century (1177-1185).

The Theatre – opera

The first theatre, built in 1825 on the Place de l'Horloge, was destroyed by a fire in

1846 and replaced by the current building (1846-1847).

University of Avignon

700 years of academic history

University founded in 1303

• Closed down in 1793 (French revolution)

• University centre in 1963

• Full-status university in 1984

New town-centre campus in


• Sports hall opened in 2006

Culture at the University of Avignon and

Pays de Vaucluse

One of the missions of the French university is to raise the cultural, intellectual and scientific nation.

To fulfill this mission, the University of

Avignon opens its doors, welcomes and supports the public within its walls.

Aesthetic experiences of the University of Avignon

- 7th Symphony Beethoven - Orchestra concert Lyrique de Région Avignon

Provence under the direction of

Jonathan Schiffman

- "Service to all floors" - Dance climbing by Antoine Le Menestrel

Lessons from the University

Their purpose :

Allow personalities from the world of culture to establish direct contact with the public, without a mediator.

Heritage days

Rich of its 700-year history and boasting a historic, architectural and exceptional heritage, the University of

Avignon and Pays de Vaucluse opens at Heritage Days for the first time since its installation on the site of the old hospital Sainte Marthe.

The cultural workshops

Theatre Workshops

• Workshops Music

• Writing Workshops

• Workshops Chorale

• Visual Arts Workshop

• Workshops Culture Commune

• Film Workshop

• Photo Workshop

• Associative Engagement Workshop

128 propositions of culture at the


• Enlarge our vision of the world

• Benefit of culture all around us

• Take part at the construction of an environement of culture and to progress

Can Culture can help young people get trough the crisis ?

Thank you all for your attention