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Rube Goldberg
Cartoonist, Sculptor, Author, Engineer,
1883 – 1970
 Born July 4, 1883 in
San Francisco, CA
 Graduated from
University of Calif.
At Berkeley in 1904
w/degree in Mining
 Hired by city of San
Francisco as an
engineer in the water
 Quits after 6 months
to become a sports
 Drew cartoons for 5
 Marries Irma Seeman
in 1916 –has 2 sons
QuickTi me™ and a
are needed to see thi s pi cture.
 Becomes very
popular for
cartoons such as
Mike and Ike, Boob
McNutt, Lala
Palooza and others
 His character
Professor Lucifer
Gorgonzola Butts
makes him very
Professor Butts and the Self-Operating Napkin
The Napkin is activated when the Soup Spoon (A) is raised to mouth,
pulling string (B) which jerks ladle (C) which throws cracker (D)
past parrot (E). Parrot jumps after cracker and perch (F) tilts,
upsetting seeds (G) into pail (H). Extra weight in pail pulls cord (I),
which opens and lights a cigar lighter (J), setting off a skyrocket
(K) which causes sickle (L) to cut string (M) and allow the pendulum
with the attached napkin to swing back and forth, wiping chin.
 Among many ways he influened popular culture
were the 1963 board game called “Mouse Trap” and
a 1930 movie he wrote featuring his machines and
starring the Three Stooges
Founding member and
1st president of the
Cartoonists Society
Won the Pulitzer
Prize in 1948 for his
Political Cartoons
His work inspires
competitions in
which participants
invent a complex
machine that
performs a simple
Rube Goldberg died on December 7, 1970 at
the age of 87
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