William Hogarth (1697-1764) & 18th-century Art
1) What are the
messages of
Hogarth’s prints?
2) What can these
prints tell us about the
18th century?
3) Does historical
context help us
understand Hogarth’s
art better?
Industry & Idleness (1747) Plate One
Four Stages of Cruelty (1751)
The four stages of cruelty, were
done in hopes of preventing in
some degree that cruel
treatment of poor Animals
which makes the streets of
London more disagreeable to
the human mind, than any
thing what ever, the very
describing of which gives
William Hogarth
The Reward of Cruelty
Beer Street & Gin Lane (1751)
Beer St and Gin Lane were
done when the dredful
consequences of gin drinking
was at its height. In gin lane
every circumstance of its horrid
efects are brought to view, in
terorem nothing but (Itleness)
Poverty misery and ruin are to
be seen Distress even to
madness and death, and not a
house in tolerable condition but
Pawnbrokers and the Gin
William Hogarth