Presentation on initial ozone day activities

The 25th Anniversary
of the Montreal Protocol
16 September 2012 marks the 25th
anniversary of the Montreal Protocol!
We had a huge celebration for the 20th
anniversary – we do not intend to do
something as big this year
And we have much to celebrate this year
The Theme for Ozone Day 2012
After due consideration and consultations,
the main theme for this year’s celebration
will be:
“Protecting our atmosphere
for generations to come”
Our Vision – Our Dream
We wish to celebrate this important
milestone around two key periods:
International Day for the Preservation of
the Ozone Layer – Mid-September
2012 – for the national celebrations
 24th MOP – 12-16 November 2012 –
for the international celebrations
International Ozone Day
The Ozone Secretariat wishes to encourage
parties to hold ozone day celebrations
The Secretariat may be able to provide
some funds to assist in those celebrations
We would like to get some video clips from
at least 24 celebrations around the world to
compile a short film for display at the 24th
Meeting of the Parties
Additional assistance with your national
We intend to prepare several products in
languages to help parties celebrate the 25th
Plaque for each Party noting key information
Updated press kit / draft press releases
25th anniversary posters
National lists of projects/funding
Brochure reviewing reasons for MP success
Additional assistance…cont.
Templates or possibly signed certificates
for parties’ major stakeholders
Draft presentations on ozone and the
Montreal Protocol
Vital graphics on stratospheric ozone
Facebook page to share and collect
memories of the past 25 years
Draft Timeline
 15 May – Suggestions/guidance for
holding national celebrations completed
 15 July – Funds for countries
allocated / funding process initiated
 15 August – New products delivered
 Mid-September – National events held –
pictures and videos transmitted to the
Ozone Secretariat
We also intend to prepare for a celebration
at the 24th MOP
New hard and electronic copies of the
Electronic Ozone family photo book
Possible seminar/special keynote
Curtain raiser film of national celebrations
Pins for Party representatives noting years
of participation in the Montreal Protocol
Links between any national ozone website
and the Ozone Secretariat’s webpage
We would encourage Parties to establish a
national ozone website to display your
country’s achievements, projects and
activities on ozone protection
If your country has already one please
provide the link to the Secretariat?
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