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Minimalism rejected illusionism, and
wanted the viewer to focus on what work
of art was presently in front of them now,
the characteristics of the object, and how
they occupied that space
Richard Serra
•Nature of experience
•Material elements
Industrial materials / processes
•Attention to space/site
•Position of the viewer
Minimalism- Richard Serra
Richard Serra
In Mourning and In Rage
Suzanne Lacy, Leslie
Labowitz, Bia Lowe (Los
Angeles, 1977)
A Media Performance in
response to the Hillside
Whisper, the Waves, the
Wind, 1984
154 women, ages 60 - 99
gather and discuss aging
issues and current events
Casper David Freidrich
Frida Kahlo
Meirle Ukeles
Intervention to Provide
Healthcare to Homeless
A short period of research led
WochenKlausur to select two
courses of action: providing
medical care for homeless
people and creating facilities
they could use to store their
Intervention to Improve the
Conduct of Public Debate
Parties in conflict from a
diversity of fields met in 3 small
pavilions built out of Europallets at central locations in
the three cities of Nuremberg,
Erlangen and Fürth. The
duration of the meetings was
limited to about two hours, and
a total of thirty-two discussions
took place. The meetings were
always closed to the public,
which nonetheless was made
aware of their occurrence
Intervention in Voting Systems
Within the context of the exhibition
public opinion there will be held
fictitious parliamentary elections with
different possibilities of voting in the
center of Stockholm from 22nd
August until 15th September 2002.
Among others there will be the
possibility of negative voting. This
means that a party that in the opinion
of the voter should not be
represented in parliament can be
voted out.
The project of WochenKlausur offers
the possibility of voting positive,
negative or both: the eligible voters
decide if they want to confirm a party,
vote out a party or want to use both
Temporary Services
Temporary Services
Temporary Services
Temporary Services
Temporary Services
Temporary Services
REPO History: Entering Buttermilk Bottom
Sarah Lena Echols Malone
James Malone holding the sign of his mother. When discussing
working on this project, he took this picture out of his wallet.
This image became the face for the project. Located at the
Atlanta Civic Center.
REPO History:
Entering Buttermilk
Segregation on the Map
Presents the process by which
the city moved families from this
area. Located at North Avenue &
Bedford Place.
REPO History: Entering Buttermilk Bottom
REPO History: Entering Buttermilk Bottom
Stencilling the Civic Center Parking Lot
Using city maps of the area from the 1930s, the footprints of shotgun houses with the
names of residents, churches and other neighborhood structures were stencilled onto
the parking lot of the Atlanta Civic Center.
REPO History: Entering Buttermilk Bottom
REPO History: Entering Buttermilk Bottom
REPO History: Entering Buttermilk Bottom
REPO History: Entering Buttermilk Bottom
REPOhistory sponsored the first reunion of former residents of Buttermilk Bottom. The reunion has
continued as an annual event.
REPO History: Voices of Renewal
"1969 / 1996" by Marie Cowser (pictured) and Gregory F. Hawkins.
The sign contains images of torn newspaper articles about the 1960's Urban Renewal though the
new 1996 Empowerment Zone which surround a group of developers and politicians standing on a
giant dollar bill. A bulldozer with the words "MOVE OR BE MOVED" surrounding it seems to be
forcing the community residents from their homes. A billboard above them speaks of the future
wondering what they will find of this community and how will they judge the author, Nanna Ree,
aka Marie Cowser.
REPO History: Voices of Renewal
"Atlanta's Black Theaters" by James Malone with Tom Klem.
The text tells the story the black-owned Atlanta movie houses of the 1940s though the
1960s. These theaters, with their scratchy two-year-old pictures of class B quality
handed down from suburban movie houses, were a fantasy from poverty, a place of
safety and of community. On the left is a photograph of James Malone taken in the
1950s by Harmon G. Perry. Malone is back from the Korean War standing on bustling
Auburn Avenue with the Royal Theater and The Yates and Milton Drug Store in the
REPO History: Voices of Renewal
"Mr. Norman F. Lumpkin" by Ferrell Scandrick with Marie Cowser.
The text of the sign tells the story of Norman F. Lumpkin, one of the original baseball players
in 1938 of the Atlanta Black Crackers, part of the Negro American League, as told by his
nephew Ferrell Scandrick. It goes on to tell of the tight-knit Fourth Ward community,
segregation, and family fun playing baseball. In the center of the sign is a color pencil
drawing by Ferrell of the current Atlanta Braves with black and white spectators in the
stands. Pictured with his sign is Ferrell with his mother.
REPO History: Voices of Renewal
"C.R.I.S.I.S. / P.E.A.C.E. by Tom Klem and Edna Moffett (pictured with
The text tells of two groups of Atlanta college students and the two individuals who lead them to
outstanding community service. The left side is about the C.R.I.S.I.S. student group lead by
Reverend Ed Ducree who struggled to make a difference in the vanishing community of Buttermilk
Bottom in the late 1960s. The right side is about the P.E.A.C.E. student group lead by Edna
Moffett. In 1995 they reclaimed this drug-infested and crime-plagued neighborhood by becoming
mentors and tutors in this program created by Moffett.
REPO History: Voices of Renewal
Fourth Ward Neighbors annual community clean-up and public opening of Voices of
Renewal.Pictured is Helene S. Mills serving her home-cooked deserts at the end of the
Clean-up. Behind her the community members' copies of the signs and further behind the
signs across the street is a burned out house. The burned out house was a warning from
local drug dealers to The Fourth Ward Neighbors to stop their activities. As with all the
participants in this project this will not stop the rebirth of this community.
Flood / HaHa
Tele-Vecindario - Inigo Manglano-Ovalle and
Street Level Video
Consequences of a Gesture
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